Friday, June 2, 2017

Local Government Directs ‘Garbage Spies’ to Verify Authenticity of Recyclables

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer    (auth. Note--I sent the following to my local newspaper: “Here is the draft of a piece that I plan to send to my editor. I will include any information you wish to provide telling your side of the story.”) Sincerely,  Suzanne Eovaldi.

To date I have received no reply.

Good Grief.  To what extent will government overreach its authority? The new imprimaturs of a central Florida utility have become scary indeed! What right does a government entity have to prowl through the garbage of individual, innocent homeowners without a warrant?  What mystery public union sector employees will "examine the contents of customers' recycling bins?"  

Taking the ‘Save Our Planet’ mantra to an entirely new level, an over-eager garbage pickup initiative soon plans to do the following to an estimated 22,400 waste customers who are trapped in a one size fits all city negotiated contract with a single waste collection agency. Official information included in the left-leaning, local newspaper provides the new job description for garbage collectors. Included is: 1) Examination of customers' recycling bins. 2) If mystery employees decide the individual customer wantonly mixed recyclables with non-recyclables, said customer's bin will be left uncollected, even though he paid for such collection. 3) Earlier, customers received informational letters.  This month and in July, the "city will apply stickers" with more informational fear tactics.  4) Next step involves the garbage contractor "examining the amount of contaminated waste."  5) Here's the real stopper: "When residents contaminate their recyclable waste, employees will place a letter explaining what items were not recyclable in a YELLOW BAG and hang it on the trash bin handle! 6) Even scarier is the fact that: "Workers will add the [customers] address to "a LIST!" 8) If your name gets on THE LIST more than once, look out.  Your name and address will be sent to city officials!

I was all aboard for the Planet Salvation meme of leftist Globalists until I learned of the huge carbon tax imposed on individual, private businesses by millionaires looking to use climate change for their own financial gain.  How can wealthy Hollywood types fly to Save the Planet conventions in their own gas-guzzling, private planes, stay in "glamping" type accommodations and then say with a straight face that our planet needs help.  “Save it from thee and for me” is an apt maxim for these lib phonies.  

Forgive me here, but I have just been steeped in too many courses in citizens' privacy rights, the right of the individual American to live in his/her own home without unreasonable search and seizure by the government.  Here, according to, is a reiteration of the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendment: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall NOT be violated. . ."  

Abhorrent to me is the notion of public sector, union employees prowling through my garbage, my neighbor's garbage, a teenager's waste basket, a single mother's bathroom debris, a married couple's attempts to balance their family budget.  Beyond the pale and offensive as Hell is the fact that anonymous garbage collectors poke through the refuse of individual homeowners who are trapped by a municipal sector utility decree that gives them no opportunity to switch to a waste collector in the private sector.  

As a staff writer for a conservative website I’ve discovered that, with each passing year, more and more readers decry the ways in which government at all levels continues to chip away at our individual rights. And this in a country that used to be the world's shining example of freedom for its citizens. 

CA engineer Jerry Todd says, "We should be seeking solutions and technological advances in a positive manner that can be beneficial to the whole world.  These despots see a lifetime of enforcing ever more rules and regulations designed to elicit funds from businesses and citizens, yet seldom achieve the original goal." 

Calling this recycling venture outrageous is putting a mild adjective on a very offensive attempt by the city to eliminate privacy.  Anyone remotely aware of the current public discourse on surveillance, hacking, leaks and social media contretemps quickly can envision both the privately and public trauma that garbage recycling probes can evince.  Wow.  Then come stickers on your garbage, letters to your home and finally making THE LIST.  Workers adding home addresses to such a list elicits visions of Big Brother’s spies marching down my street, pointing out my house. For this English Professor-reporter-staff writer, this latest governmental overreach grates like hell on my sense of right vs wrong.

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