Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Russia Thing

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Does the answer to the media's witch hunt against President Trump lie in this comment from a Free Republic, “Freeper;” "Obama waited two weeks before the [Trump] inaugural to redo some areas of the White House…I am beginning to think these rooms were remodeled with the latest wiretapped/listening devices that can't be detect (sic) any sort of gadgets…It's very fishy!!!! President Trump needs to look into that remodeling matter and tear those walls apart if need be!" 

While at first blush the Freeper’s comment may suggest only conspiracy theory, further research signifies insight.

Just before moving out of the White House, former President Obama engaged in a flurry of appointments to governmental jobs.  His last minute hires included five insiders to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, including a Duke lawyer who was Deputy Homeland Security Advisor to the President (Obama) at the National Security Council.  Amy Pope speaking at a Council on Foreign Relations event said:

"So we have an incredibly (sic) team this U. S. digital service that the President  (Obama) has brought on board.  They're distinguishable in the White House because they're the guys who are wearing jeans and overalls and like, don't shave.  They're sort of our young tech folks who are extremely smart and much savvier at kind of processes than we are."  

The second of five scientific and energy specialists who were late Obama hires is Cristen Dorgelo, White House (Obama) chief of State in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, who integrates, "independent technology and citizen scientists." Dan Utech served as Special Assistant to Obama for Energy and Climate Change, and Christy Goldfuss, an Obama Climate Change guru, is currently associated with the Center for American Progress Action Fund.  (Goldfuss is an executive with the liberal think tank founded by John Podesta in 2003).  DJ Patel was the fifth Obama new employee to the WH Infrastructure apparatus.  

Now only a conspiracy theorist would dare suggest any ulterior motives with these Obama hires, right? What do we have here: a Duke lawyer who is a NSA advisor, a CFR speaker discussing "our young tech folks who are extremely smart” and a developer of Obama's climate initiative.  These hires are characterized by their heavy climate change, science and energy dedication. They were inserted just before President Trump was inaugurated.  Are these people still in place?

A second Freeper calls attention to the former NSA agent, John Schindler, a married man who lost his job as a Professor at the US Naval War College.  This Freeper observes: "Not just any former agent, this guy lost his job for pulling an ‘anthony weiner.’" By doing a google search on Schindler, you can read for yourselves his racy Twitter posts to a "vixen." The UK DAILY MAIL is up with more details of his alleged Twitter posts.  Mainstream media sources which cite this former NSA agent fail to reveal certain information about him; information that might give pause to an objective observer.

A very prescient FR poster sees two obvious problems with the “Russian Thing,” namely that, “it is based, according to the [Washington] COMPOST, on an anonymous letter and Why would Kislyak be communicating with Moscow on a non-secure channel? Kislyak is known as an ex-intel officer and certainly knows all unencrypted communications are monitored."

Funny how all the research for this “Russian Thing” keeps going back to the former resident of the White House.  If this 2014 quote does not reveal the media's duplicity in turning its attack squad against Donald Trump, nothing will.  Josh Rogan reporting for Bloomberg News says, ". . .Obama made a decision to continue to look for ways to work with Russia on a host of bilateral and international issues while also offering Putin a way out of the stalemate over the crisis in the Ukraine."

Are the White House walls secretly wired to listen in on and leak state secrets in order to thwart the People's President's right to lead and to govern?  This cruel witch hunt launched against President Trump by a compromised media apparatus must be exposed and stopped NOW.  To boldly print but fail to cite obvious source problems; to run with ‘anonymous letters’ that the public cannot review; to publish secret details of the Manchester bombing to embarrass Mr. Trump on his overseas trip; these go far beyond the usual schemes of an agenda driven media. They represent a crusade to reverse the electoral will of the American people. Such a corrupt cause should be explored in an American court of law. Though it will never come to that, the president could certainly force discovery on the "discoverers" by aggressively taking this story to the public. As media inequity at its worst, revealing the corruption of its disciples could cause one hell of a stir.

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