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San Diego Woman Marries a Train Station; Claims it’s the only Station She’ll Ever Love

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The following article appeared on on May 25. And NO, this was not scavenged from The Onion. So there are homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, God knows what other sort of fill-in-the-blank sexuals and now, Objectum Sexuals.

The “pair” are California residents, of course. Do you suppose they will be able to find a marriage counselor if they happen to experience bad times? If there should be a messy divorce-the result of infidelity, perhaps-I wonder if Carol Santa Fe will demand alimony and if so, what form it will take?

These homo sapien/Objectum relationships can be so difficult.  Ed.

It must be rail love: Woman, 45, claims she is 'married' to a train station - which she has sex with 'in her mind' - after first falling for the building 36 years ago
  • Carol Santa Fe says she tied the knot with Santa Fe train station in San Diego
  • She claims the building is called 'Daidra' and says she has 'sex' with it mentally
  • She identifies as an objectum sexual which is an attraction to inanimate objects
  • Ms Santa Fe keeps her love hidden through fear of being banned from the site 

A woman has 'married' a train station and claims they have spent 36 years in love with one another.

Carol Santa Fe, 45, from San Diego, California, says she fell for Santa Fe train station when she was nine years old.

Although the union is not legally binding, she 'tied the knot' with the building in 2015 - and celebrated their one year anniversary last Christmas. 
Carol Santa Fe and Spouse

Ms Santa Fe says she has 'sex' with the station mentally and identifies herself as an objectum sexual - a person who is sexually attracted to inanimate objects and structures.

It is a worldwide debate whether the phenomenon is a sexuality, fetish or mental condition.

Ms Santa Fe said: 'I am married to the Santa Fe train station - her name is Daidra.

'We didn't start a relationship until 2011 but I had been in love with the station since I was a young girl.

'When we got married, I stood there and I told her that I take it as my partner.

'It was the happiest day of our lives.'

Every day the volunteer support worker takes a 45 minute bus ride to the station to spend time with the building.

She said: 'When I get there I say hello to her - I then walk around the block circling around her, trying not to let anyone notice I am talking.

'There is a private bit where two walls meet, I go there to touch her, which I do by leaning against her with my clothes on.

'When I'm touching her, I feel as though it actually holds me and kisses me.

'I don't have physical sex with the station in public, I want to be respectful.

'I wouldn't do that with a human in public so why would I do it in this case.

'I do have sex with Daidra in my mind when I stand there.

'I especially like when I hear the trains rev up their engines - it turns me on.'
Ms Santa Fe - who has lived in California since she was three - claims the train station is the love of her life despite being in a previous relationship with a man.

She added: 'I loved a human once before, his name was Tom and we were together for 18 months.

'But it didn't work out and I felt amazing when I got into a relationship with Diadra because she told that she would never leave me.

'I love her so much, she is so romantic.

'We first consummated our love a few years ago when I felt the wall behind me, and I felt this energy.

'I came close to an orgasm and I was scared I'd get caught by the station staff.

'I don't ever want the security guards to find out - I am a closeted objectum sexual.'

Ms Santa Fe discovered she was an objectum sexual after she searched online 'I am in love with a building'.

She is not the first to confess her love for inanimate objects. 
It must be love!

Erica Eiffel, an objectum sexual, famously married Paris's Eiffel Tower in 2007.

Another well-known objectum sexual is Eklöf Berliner-Mauer, who married the Berlin wall in 1979 and was the first person to come forward with objectum sexuality.

Ms Santa Fe hides her attraction while at the building because she fears she could be banned from the site.

She added: 'It's not at all because I am ashamed.

'Erica Eiffel got banned from the Eiffel Tower for kissing it and straddling it - so I don't want to get banned like she did.

I don't like to publicly show anything between me and Daidra as I have more respect than that.'

Carol has been working as a volunteer for emotional support groups for years.

Carol said: 'Objectum sexuality is not a mental illness like the media always makes out.

'It is our sexuality, just like being lesbian or bisexual - we are not crazy. 

'People just don't understand. I feel really lonely not having anyone to talk to about it.

'Daidra has been the most stable partner I have ever had.

'I have had the time of my life being her wife.

'I used to be scared of being in love with humans, but I'm not scared with Daidra.

'I can never leave San Diego, because my lover is here. I could never love another train station - she is the one.'

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