Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Is Lyme Disease an accidentally released bioterror pathogen?

by Suzanne Eovaldi, Staff writer

A dangerous, large scale outbreak of painful Lyme Disease is being predicted for this summer by a video reporter who has suggested that this animal disease might have been spread to the U.S. population as an inadvertent escape pathogen from the U.S. Plum Island Animal Research facility.  Because we've had a very mild winter, "all the conditions are right for one of the biggest outbreaks of LD this summer," says video researcher David Zublick. 

"What if your backyard is a breeding ground for a most heinous act of bioterrorism by our own government," asks Zublick about research done at Plum Island, in Suffolk County, NY?  He says this mysterious illness started to appear in Lyme, CT and Long Island, NY around the mid 1970's.  Although the deer tick is the usual vector for LD, it also can piggy back onto migratory birds from around the Plum Island facility.  Zublick says symptoms include lupus, osteoarthritis, bipolar and other severe mental illnesses and vertigo.  Debilitating cases of fatigue which sometimes afflict patients are often not taken seriously by their doctors.  

These symptoms "could be the subsidiary of a bio weapon released either on purpose or inadvertently many years ago," continues Zublick. "Was Lyme Disease a bio weapon released by the U.S. Government?" 

This tick borne disease is often found in Florida, where extreme early Spring heat and severe drought conditions sometimes exist.  A bumper crop of acorns on trees-the result of a mild winter-could precede an outbreak of LD says Researcher Richard Ostfeld.  Lyme Disease first began appearing near the U.S. Animal Research facility about 13 miles from Lyme, CT. It then became prevalent in the northeast around Long Island, NY and the Great Lakes.  Now it is spreading throughout the country.

"We are being lied to by the medical establishment," says Zublick in his most recent youtube video.  Calling the Lyme Disease bacterium a bio weapon, he asks "How did Lyme come to be?" Was the "escape" of the pathogen deliberate or merely an inadvertent mistake by scientists and researchers who now are seeing dangerous tick bites in humans presenting the bacterium named borrelia mayonii, by Dr. Ostfeld.

"Ticks are already out of control and it's still Spring," says one commenter.  Zublick says the tick bite venom could have been picked up by migratory birds circulating around Plum Island, but Dr.Richard Ostfeld, esteemed ecology disease expert specializing in Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus illnesses, says "the most likely to transmit an infection to a feeding tick is white-footed mouse pyromyscus leucopus.

 Dr. Ostfeld is "testing whether environmental interventions can prevent tick-borne diseases in our communities." He says our high levels of acorn production in trees this Spring are precursors to possible LD outbreaks.  Expanding tick populations are infecting more than "300,000 Americans … with Lyme Disease every year."

The Mayo Clinic's list of Lyme Disease symptoms are: Rashes (sometimes but not always resembling a bull's eye circle on the skin); flu like symptoms and bouts of severe joint pain and swelling especially in the knees; neurological conditions including meningitis and Bell's Palsy and numbness or weaknesses in your limbs with impaired muscle movement; nausea, vomiting and diffuse rashes.  Other symptoms include irregular heartbeat, eye inflammation and even hepatitis.  Severe fatigue often occurs. Advice given is see your doctor sooner, not later, because if the tick is not removed properly, the part of the animal's body carrying the bacterium will not be removed but will remain in your body to do further harm!

Zublick's narrative on youtube clearly has a pejorative connotation about just what information the government is keeping from us about this situation.  He speculates that this could be a result of careless bio weapon research at Plum Island. (This facility is slated to be closed and relocated to Kansas within a decade.)

"Nazi scientists were allowed in [the United States] (when) the government created new histories for them after World War II," claims Zublick.  SS Nazi virologist in animal disease warfare Erich Traub was brought into the U.S. in 1949.  Ground work for the USDA's Plum Island Animal Disease Research bio warfare center began around then.  Traub who was brought in under "Operation Paperclip" consulted with Army bio warfare researchers at the military research center in Maryland even though President Harry Truman would not allow Nazi scientists to enter the U.S.  "Their histories were bleached," says Zublick. 
Risk Map

Zublick goes on to trace Lyme Disease outbreaks as far back as the “Iceman” corpse found in Germany. But new appearances  are unusual because of the severe symptoms presenting in the human population.  Zublick details how initially some members of our medical establishment just dismissed patients complaining of Lyme symptoms by telling them "it's all in your head." He gives us examples of such terrible symptoms as lupus, osteoarthritis, bipolar and other severe mental illnesses and vertigo. Amazon still has the great documentary "Under Our Skin" up for viewing.  And you can buy Michael Carroll's very informative book on the subject titled, "Lab 257," a study of the Plum Island-Lyme link with secret government lab research. "Pray for a cure for this deadly disease," says Zublick.  "Cover your body outdoors, seek medical treatment early, build up your body with vitamins and immune system supplements."  "I have Lyme Disease and I get headaches 24/7, feels like my head is vibrating and crushing my skull," says a patient who commented on the Zublick video expose. 

How sad as Americans begin to head out on summer vacations at the beach,  or even in their own backyards, that this horrible affliction now could be a massive infection caused by one of the world's most complex bacteria!

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