Saturday, May 20, 2017

After Poll-Testing Impeachment of Trump, Dems Launch Concerted Effort to Backtrack on Impeachment Talk

The following article appeared on on May 18.  Author Jim Hoft surmises that polling data to determine the success of the Democrat/media “Impeach Trump” scheme didn’t turn out very well, causing the left to “backtrack on impeachment talk.” Apparently these folks didn’t learn the lesson of the 2016 Election: that Donald Trump enjoys the strong, widespread, unrelenting support of the American people. Not even the treachery of Never-Trump RINOs can convince the public that Trump should be canned.

But we can be sure that the forces of Soros/Obama/Clinton and NeverTrumpers will continue to make up some pretty tall tales!  Ed.

By Jim Hoft

For months since the election the only topic on the mainstream media (MSM) news outlets has been that President Trump somehow stole the election from Hillary Clinton by working in collusion with Russia.  This fallacious argument is played around the clock by the MSM and discussed repeatedly ad nauseam by Democrats every chance they get.

On Wednesday the headline of the Drudge Report was that Democrats felt they were finally at the place where they could poll test their efforts to impeach President Trump.

Democrats can’t do anything without a poll.

The Drudge Report’s headline linked to a report from McClatchy’s DC Bureau that discussed the Democratic Party’s plans to impeach Trump and their efforts to first poll test this action with voters.

In a significant development, party operatives say they expect Democrats to poll-test the public’s views on impeachment, trying to acquire hard data about an issue that until now has not been seriously analyzed. Other strategists say that candidates and party organizations will begin conducting focus groups on the question.

The results of their polling must have been God awful shocking for the Democrats and their liberal MSM because today in every way the Democrats are retreating from impeaching Trump. 

For example, three of the biggest far left publications posting fake news stories about President Trump to justify his impeachment are now backing off:

1. The New York Times is reporting that “Democratic Leaders Try to Slow Calls to Impeach Trump“.
2. CNBC reports “Chances of Trump impeachment are low, says Nomura“.
3. The Washington Post reports “Considering Impeachment? Slow Down

The Democrats big play to remove President Trump via impeachment is backfiring.  Americans are seeing more than ever before how biased the MSM in America is and are fed up.  The more the MSM promotes impeachment the more Democrats and the MSM look foolish like upset spoiled little children.  President Trump calling the MSM ‘fake news’ is resonating with Americans.

A significant majority of electoral college delegates, states and counties in the US voted for President Trump despite the MSM’s all out assault.   Without voter fraud President Trump would have easily won the popular vote as well.  Now more Americans are waking up and they don’t like their President being treated so terribly unfair.

The results must have been bad – real bad, for the Democrat/MSM complex to suddenly begin their all-out retreat.

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