Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Russia Thing

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Does the answer to the media's witch hunt against President Trump lie in this comment from a Free Republic, “Freeper;” "Obama waited two weeks before the [Trump] inaugural to redo some areas of the White House…I am beginning to think these rooms were remodeled with the latest wiretapped/listening devices that can't be detect (sic) any sort of gadgets…It's very fishy!!!! President Trump needs to look into that remodeling matter and tear those walls apart if need be!" 

While at first blush the Freeper’s comment may suggest only conspiracy theory, further research signifies insight.

Just before moving out of the White House, former President Obama engaged in a flurry of appointments to governmental jobs.  His last minute hires included five insiders to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, including a Duke lawyer who was Deputy Homeland Security Advisor to the President (Obama) at the National Security Council.  Amy Pope speaking at a Council on Foreign Relations event said:

"So we have an incredibly (sic) team this U. S. digital service that the President  (Obama) has brought on board.  They're distinguishable in the White House because they're the guys who are wearing jeans and overalls and like, don't shave.  They're sort of our young tech folks who are extremely smart and much savvier at kind of processes than we are."  

The second of five scientific and energy specialists who were late Obama hires is Cristen Dorgelo, White House (Obama) chief of State in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, who integrates, "independent technology and citizen scientists." Dan Utech served as Special Assistant to Obama for Energy and Climate Change, and Christy Goldfuss, an Obama Climate Change guru, is currently associated with the Center for American Progress Action Fund.  (Goldfuss is an executive with the liberal think tank founded by John Podesta in 2003).  DJ Patel was the fifth Obama new employee to the WH Infrastructure apparatus.  

Now only a conspiracy theorist would dare suggest any ulterior motives with these Obama hires, right? What do we have here: a Duke lawyer who is a NSA advisor, a CFR speaker discussing "our young tech folks who are extremely smart” and a developer of Obama's climate initiative.  These hires are characterized by their heavy climate change, science and energy dedication. They were inserted just before President Trump was inaugurated.  Are these people still in place?

A second Freeper calls attention to the former NSA agent, John Schindler, a married man who lost his job as a Professor at the US Naval War College.  This Freeper observes: "Not just any former agent, this guy lost his job for pulling an ‘anthony weiner.’" By doing a google search on Schindler, you can read for yourselves his racy Twitter posts to a "vixen." The UK DAILY MAIL is up with more details of his alleged Twitter posts.  Mainstream media sources which cite this former NSA agent fail to reveal certain information about him; information that might give pause to an objective observer.

A very prescient FR poster sees two obvious problems with the “Russian Thing,” namely that, “it is based, according to the [Washington] COMPOST, on an anonymous letter and Why would Kislyak be communicating with Moscow on a non-secure channel? Kislyak is known as an ex-intel officer and certainly knows all unencrypted communications are monitored."

Funny how all the research for this “Russian Thing” keeps going back to the former resident of the White House.  If this 2014 quote does not reveal the media's duplicity in turning its attack squad against Donald Trump, nothing will.  Josh Rogan reporting for Bloomberg News says, ". . .Obama made a decision to continue to look for ways to work with Russia on a host of bilateral and international issues while also offering Putin a way out of the stalemate over the crisis in the Ukraine."

Are the White House walls secretly wired to listen in on and leak state secrets in order to thwart the People's President's right to lead and to govern?  This cruel witch hunt launched against President Trump by a compromised media apparatus must be exposed and stopped NOW.  To boldly print but fail to cite obvious source problems; to run with ‘anonymous letters’ that the public cannot review; to publish secret details of the Manchester bombing to embarrass Mr. Trump on his overseas trip; these go far beyond the usual schemes of an agenda driven media. They represent a crusade to reverse the electoral will of the American people. Such a corrupt cause should be explored in an American court of law. Though it will never come to that, the president could certainly force discovery on the "discoverers" by aggressively taking this story to the public. As media inequity at its worst, revealing the corruption of its disciples could cause one hell of a stir.

Who’s Afraid of Mexicans?

By Jerry Todd

A blogger asked if we were scared of Mexicans. The post was a YouTube video clip of The President of the California State Senate, Kevin DeLeon caught participating in a “Brown Power” event, chased and shouted down by Trump supporters.  I'm not scared of Mexicans. I find them an inordinate percentage of those few I love and trust among my own circle of friends and acquaintances.

I'm scared of Legislators who find it impossible to represent all the people under the greatest Constitutional Republic the world has ever seen. They use their positions for power and money (No race exclusions for human greed - Ask black Maxine Waters, Latino Kevin DeLeon, Jewish Dianne Feinstein, Catholic heretic white Jerry Brown and Asian Leland Yee, convicted Assemblyman gun-runner posing as anti-2nd Amendment). 
Kevin DeLeon. A firearm illiterate

Progressives years ago - starting with Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society," got the Feds nose into personal and family life. With their selective welfare programs they created dependency that violated the drive to work hard and succeed in life in spite of obstacles - who doesn't have obstacles? They made it a requirement for a mother to receive welfare benefits not to have a man in the house. Most black kids grew up without a male influence - good, bad or indifferent, but male nonetheless. Now we have new rich idiots identifying over 58 genders, the most recent the woman who married the San Diego Santa Fe railroad terminal she named “Diadra” – mental sex and all. Forget about the chromosomes that Mother Nature uses to ID the 2 sexes. “The science is settled” as the troglodytes tell us.

The Democrats and more than a few stupid Republicans destroyed the black family and seriously wounded the Hispanic family. Hispanics had and have their Catholic faith to hold their foundations if they can keep it. Blacks have suffered their churches becoming rallying points for Democrat socialist politics. Whites? We're dying out, having contracepted ourselves out of existence (We save the abortion mills mostly for blacks and browns – depending on the market for body parts). Same problem in Europe.

We also abandoned Christianity in Europe, creating a vacuum being filled by a Muslim invasion, suicide bombers and all. Do we ever learn from a long history of Islamic incursions?

Asians are working their butts off and educating the hell out of their kids almost to a point of being ridiculous.

In the meantime, the rise of Islam, not only as the religion of over a billion, but a totalitarian government form that brooks no differences with the local imam's dictates and fatwah's – no Pope there. Again, white progressives and their crooked judges are busy participating in their own demise, sadly taking us “infidels” with them - all races, creeds and sexual urges. Why? Just to oppose our President.

Not to be bitching and moaning, but looking for answers, may I suggest our politically correct culture has destroyed intelligent discourse - especially in the media and in our colleges and universities? Now we just shout, pillage, wreck cop cars (without being shot on sight), break windows and set fires while beating up anyone who looks like a conservative. (Thanks for the anarchy money George Soros.)

I saw Donald Trump taking on PC during the campaign. Folks who understood his brashness in attacking the ultimate of societal stupidity voted for him. Others will figure it out sooner or later. We'll all be happier when we can laugh and joke and carry on discussions about anything... even tell ethnic jokes!

The other key element the progressives have used against us is their interpretation of "Diversity," even having government and industry “Diversity Czars” – paid well of course! Could anyone come up with a more divisive definition of Diversity than touting percentages of race, creed, gender and sexual urge for positions in society? Of course my gender, my race and my creed and what floats my boat or sets me atwitter is better than yours. Yeah, right!

Our Founders noted in the Declaration of Independence that "all men are created equal" - "endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Now if we accept that version of Diversity, we'll find that all humans are so endowed, no matter their race, creed or where they live on this beautiful blue planet. We all share blood types, don’t we? We all came from one set of parents in East Central Africa about 55,000 years ago according to National Geographic DNA studies.

We have been greatly blessed with a governmental form that allowed us to pursue happiness, to seek, to discover, to develop and to prosper - often in spite of numerous failures - rising above our station in life for the good of our children, community and the world. Most societies hold their children down to fit a mold or a status level not to be violated. This is why people from all over the world risk everything to get here – and Democrats send the innocent like Elian Gonzales, whose mother died getting him away from Cuba - back to Castro under gun point. Some then rebel after getting all their socialist freebies and want the USA to be run just like the despotism they fled from.

If we followed true Diversity around the world, we would prosper as a nation and work to see others everywhere do the same within the bounds of their own cultures and environments. The emphasis must be on beauty and quality - food, clothing, art, architecture, God fearing and love of others. Donald Trump, with his 49 year history of conceiving, building and operating projects of quality and beauty at competitive costs is the ideal leader of the Free World today. Free and balanced trade along with technology transfer fair to the originator will carry us far. We now have the Internet to pass knowledge and creative thought. Oh, for the day when that far exceeds the current depravity – Internet pornography.

We do have a wonderful framework for a global economy – not a one world government dreamed of by totalitarians. The USA Documents of Freedom and Responsibility – Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. Combine those with Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical letter, "Caritas in veritate" - Charity in truth – In part:

"58. The principle of subsidiarity must remain closely linked to the principle of solidarity and vice versa, since the former without the latter gives way to social privatism, while the latter without the former gives way to paternalist social assistance that is demeaning to those in need. This general rule must also be taken broadly into consideration when addressing issues concerning international development aid. Such aid, whatever the donors' intentions, can sometimes lock people into a state of dependence and even foster situations of localized oppression and exploitation in the receiving country. Economic aid, in order to be true to its purpose, must not pursue secondary objectives. It must be distributed with the involvement not only of the governments of receiving countries, but also local economic agents and the bearers of culture within civil society, including local Churches. "

God Bless the United States of America and those who come here to share the love and opportunity.

I've included this link to Kevin DeLeon making a complete ass of himself while displaying his total ignorance about firearms.  The youtube video is brief, breathtaking and funny as hell. 
Kevin DeRambo

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

'Fist Fight' offers good audio and video - but that doesn't help

By Jim Bray

If you like your comedy movie foul mouthed, mean spirited and populated with sexual predators, Fist Fight is for you. But if it's representative of today's comedy films, I weep for popular culture and the society it supposedly reflects.

Rocky or Fight Club it ain't!

Fist Fight is set on the last day of school, also known as Prank Day, when the students perform pranks on the faculty. Judging by the pranks, these students put a lot more effort into this day than they do into their studies. On the other hand, I think if these folks were my teachers I'd have played hookey a lot more than I did in my misspent youth.

Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) is a teacher of English who, like much of the faculty, is worried that he's going to get fired at the end of the day - because of budget cuts, not because of any apparent flaws in their professionalism or character (of which none is in evidence, including from principal Richard Tyler, played by Dean Norris). Campbell also has to get to his daughter's school before day's end so he can help her in her talent show.

But then history teacher Strickland (Ice Cube) pulls Campbell into his little academic world. He can't get his history videocassette to work properly because it keeps shutting off and he wants Campbell to see if he can figure out the problem. He does - it's a student who's using a smart phone app to manipulate the ancient video equipment in a way that would be impossible with such old tech stuff. But what's a bit of nerd reality among friends, eh?

The tightly wrapped Strickland grabs a fire axe and destroys a student's desk, causing him - and Campbell - to be called before the principal to answer for the deed. This chopping was actually the only part of the movie I thought in the least bit amusing, and that's only because it reminded me of the time I grabbed the fire axe and brandished it in the school bus I was driving at the time, as a way to get the kids' attention (something I'd probably be in jail for now, but back then students and I  laughed about it good naturedly, as was warranted by the situation.).

The panicked Campbell squeals to Principal Tyler, getting Strickland fired. That causes Strickland to inform Campbell that they're going to have a fist fight after the school day because he needs to be taught a lesson about consequences or something. The panicked Campbell (he's panicked a lot in this movie) freaks out and tries anything he can think of to get out of the situation, including talking to coach Crawford (Tracy Morgan) and guidance counsellor/slut/predator Holly (Jillian Bell) to ask for their advice.

What follows is Campbell's attempts to get out of the fight by any means possible other than actually putting up his dukes, whether it be bribing a student to recant his original complaint about Strickland and the axe, or - well, I won't spoil it for you in case you're silly enough to pursue watching this school house wreck.

The filmmakers try to get some social commentary - left wing, of course - about the underfunding of  schools, though if I were in charge of education I'd just shut this travesty down or let the occupants (to paraphrase "Man of La Mancha") kill each other if they must, but for God's sake do it quietly.

By the way, there isn't much "quietly" here; above and beyond all the shouting and loud music, the Blu-ray itself is so loud I had to turn it down about five notches below my usually preferred ear bleeding level.

Not only are there no laughs in this movie - none, that I experienced anyway - but there isn't even a decent human being in it, from lead roles to minor parts. Heck, even Campbell's extremely pregnant wife (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) - in whose mouth butter wouldn't melt for most of the film - climbs aboard the cussin' wagon during her daughter's F-bomb-filled rap number in front of her pre-teen peers.

I can understand to a point why these students are such slackers: they have no role models in school. Teachers cuss in front of students, one teacher (Christina Hendricks) fantasizes about knife assault, and the abovementioned counsellor/slut/predator brings weed to school, undoubtedly to keep fresh the buzz she got from her chemical hit before school.

Eventually, we get to the fist fight, which is actually not bad. And by the time the credits roll, finally, our "hero" Campbell has even experienced some personal growth and might, perhaps, come away from the film a better person - though I wouldn't recommend anyone holding his/her/its breath.

But by then I didn't really give a, well, hoot.

How bad is Fist Fight? I was ready to turn it off within five minutes, but stuck with it so I could take the bullet Warner Brothers hope you'll pay for.

At least, at about an hour and a half, it's short.

I lost count of the F-words tossed about in Fist Fight within the first few minutes. It seemed like the producers were determined to use variations of that word nearly as many times as Obama uses "I" in a speech. Sure, I can cuss with the best of them - and do - but there are times and places, and one place I've tried to minimize the cussing is occasions in which I'm supposed to be a role model. Not here.

On the other hand, with what I've seen in news stories, the violence and attitudes displayed in Fist Fight seems uncannily close to what's happening in real life schools these days, so maybe the movie is actually a documentary…

The first section of the closing credits are displayed over a bunch of outtakes that aren't particularly funny, but which are at least as entertaining as the movie itself.

As a Blu-ray, Warner's Fist Fight has good audio and video, but the only extras are a short featurette on filming in Georgia and a series of deleted scenes I couldn't bring myself to watch (there's no lesson to be learned the second time you're kicked by a mule). It also includes a DVD and digital download code.

The 1080p video (it doesn't look like there's a 4K version) is presented at the aspect ratio of 1.85:1, which very nearly fills the 16x9 TV completely. Picture quality is very good; I watched the film in both 1080p as well as up converted to 4K  on my reference Panasonic 4K TV via Oppo's UHD-203 and it looked great both ways (no, I didn't watch the film twice; I switched half way through), though I'd opt for the 4K up conversion if I were ever silly enough to watch this mess again - but that's a testament to the Oppo and Panasonic, not Fist Fight.

The audio, which as mentioned is really loud (not necessarily a bad thing!) is presented in DTS HD Master Audio 5.1. It's mostly front centred but there's decent use of surround for ambient noises etc. Sound quality is very good. says Fist Fight premiered in mid-February of this year, so its journey to home video was a quick one. I can see why.

Consider yourself warned.

Ten Steps to Fix the Broken Immigration Enforcement System

 Some important suggestions below, including especially #3--ending the practice of birthright citizenship. Contrary to the opinions of such constitutional experts as Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Barack Hussein, the 14th Amendment does NOT provide birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens. Rather, Section 1 of the amendment was, in fact, written to make certain that the prejudice of the time (1866) would not serve to prevent freed slaves being recognized as citizens.  Ed.

As to #10, Border Patrol access is all very nice, but not when members of the Border Patrol run into drug cartel "safaris" in which each thug is armed with a full auto weapon. Either arm and train the Border Patrol personnel to take out the cartel members or send the U.S. Army in to get the job done.  Ed.

Hat Tip: Robert M

Politicians who push for increasing legal immigration levels will often make reference to the "Broken Immigration System". By fixing the "broken system" what they really want is to dismantle enforcement and make it easier for employers to access cheap, foreign labor. But they often ignore the real broken pieces within our immigration system that drive more illegal immigration and harm national security and public safety.

The following list of Ten Steps to Re-establish the Integrity of the Immigration System would make great strides toward ending illegal immigration, assisting struggling American workers, and making our communities more safe. Many of these items are already federal law, but simply ignored by the current and past Administrations. Legislation has been introduced to repair much of the rest.

1.       Make E-Verify mandatory for all U.S. employers to eliminate the jobs magnet.
2.       Complete the Congressionally-mandated biometric entry/exit system to track non-immigrant visitors to the U.S.
3.       End the practice of birthright citizenship for illegal aliens and foreign visitors.
4.       Require state and local law enforcement to report affirmatively all non-citizens in custody to ICE, make ICE detainers mandatory, and require ICE to pick up and remove deportable aliens.
5.       Expand expedited removal to include all illegal aliens with criminal convictions.
6.       End catch-and-release of illegal aliens by requiring that they be detained until removal.
7.       Deny immigrant and non-immigrant visas to nations that refuse to repatriate their citizens.
8.       Reform the judicial process in immigration courts, including restricting relief from removal, to expedite the process and reduce the backlog of cases.
9.       Restrict asylum to the internationally recognized definition of those who are unable to be returned to the home country due to a well-founded fear of (state) persecution due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.
10.    Allow Border Patrol access to all federal lands.