Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Girl/Boy Wins Girls Wrestling Title

The following article was published on the American Thinker website on February 27th

Biological girl who wants to be a boy wins TX state girls' wrestling title

By Rick Moran  2/27

A girl who goes by the name Mack Beggs because she wants to be a male won the Texas state girls' wrestling title in the 110-pound class.

On the surface, this would appear perfectly normal.  And in a way, it is, given that a girl won a girls' title.  But as Paul Harvey used to say, "and now for the rest of the story."  The transgender community is up in arms because the state of Texas won't let Beggs compete as a boy.  And many female wrestlers also think Beggs should have competed as a boy because she's taking male hormones, including testosterone.  

Testosterone is considered a performance-enhancing drug (PED) in all sports.  But in Texas, if a girl is attempting to make herself appear more like a male ("transitioning") and a doctor prescribes the hormone, it is perfectly legal – even if the drug gives the girl additional strength and endurance she wouldn't have had without it.

It's a mess.

In some of his [sic] first media comments since the story was widely reported, Beggs said "I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for my teammates," the Dallas Morning News reported on its website.

"That's honestly what the spotlight should've been on, my teammates," he [sic] added.

Beggs' family has sought to have him [sic] wrestle as a boy [sic], and some of his [sic] opponents have said [sic] he has an unfair advantage among girls because of the testosterone he [sic] is taking as a part of his [sic] transition [sic].

The University Interscholastic League, which governs school sports in Texas, said that the state's education code allows the use of a banned drug such as steroids if it "is prescribed by a medical practitioner for a valid medical purpose".

About a week ago, Beggs won a regional championship after a female wrestler from a Dallas-area high school forfeited the final.

The parent of another girl who wrestles for the same Dallas-area high school had filed a lawsuit trying to block Beggs, saying his [sic] use of testosterone increases his [sic] strength, which could pose a risk to opponents.

Nancy Beggs, Mack Beggs' grandmother and guardian, told the Dallas Morning News after the forfeit in the regional championship match: "Today was not about their students winning. Today was about bias, hatred and ignorance".

According to transathlete.com, which provides information for transgender athletes, Texas is one of seven US states with policies it sees as discriminatory against transgender athletes. 
Rah Team!

Lou Weaver, who runs transgender programs for the LGBT rights group Equality Texas, said Beggs is abiding by current state rules, which need to be updated, "so that guys [sic] like Mack can wrestle with their peers, which would be on the boys' team."

The obvious question is how good a female wrestler Beggs would be without the testosterone.  I don't think there's any doubt that she would have been an above average wrestler but probably not a state champ. 

Taking testosterone by itself does not build sufficient strength and endurance to become a champion athlete.  The athlete needs to work hard to get to that next level of competition.  But there is also no doubt that the testosterone gave her an advantage that other girls did not have.  So in the end, this is a question of fairness, having little to do with the transgender issue except as it makes it legal for Beggs to take the male hormone. 

We are going to be hearing more and more stories about transgender athletes competing where they shouldn't, or enjoying an unfair advantage over their opponents.  Eventually, even "tolerant" parents and school districts will revolt, given the obvious fairness issue involved.  The issue can be ignored for only so long before an outcry occurs calling for a change.

Monday, February 27, 2017

High tech gloves let you use your smart device without getting frostbite

By Jim Bray

Drivers and/or texters in climes where winter rears its ugly head repeatedly have an interesting new ally in their quest to operate smart devices without getting their hands cold.

Glider Gloves is a line of hand wear that promises to let you text, phone, and even operate vehicles' LCD screens without having to remove them, a promise that - given my history of trying to use my smart stuff while wearing gloves - seemed like a product that was simply too good to be true.

So I asked them if I could try a pair - and they responded by sending me two - one from their "Urban" line and one from their "Winter" collection. They also market "ingress gloves" which I assume are for facilitating doctors' prostate exams when they're performed outdoors in winter.

Okay, Ingress is actually some kind of outdoor "real world" mobile game (kind of like that Pokeman thing that was so strangely popular recently?) and if you're playing outdoors and want to keep your hands warm, the Glider Gloves could prove handy (no pun intended) here as well. 

I don't play Ingress (to be honest, I had to look up what the heck it was after I saw the reference on Glider Gloves' website), but I drive a lot of different cars and SUV's that have LCD screens at various places on their centre stacks. I also have a smart phone I take with me year 'round and when it's really cold I shiver in anticipation of the vehicle warming up enough that I can take off my gloves to operate the phone or the car's tech. Heck, some vehicles - ones that you can lock merely by touching a spot on the door handle - force me to remove my gloves to perform that simple operation.

Needless to say, I'd tried several different types of gloves to get around this rather than risk my precious skin by exposing it to the elements (though I never tried any of this in a Honda Element!), and not even my rather thin driving gloves would work in these scenarios. Fingerless gloves always seemed kind of counterintuitive, too, since it's my fingertips that get the coldest.

It never bothered me so much that I stayed at home in fetal position rather than go outside in winter (I do that all year!) but once I tried the Glider Gloves I was convinced of their abilities.

"The concept is quite simple," said Scott Henderson, Marketing and Public Relations, Glider Gloves. "It is a hassle to take off your gloves to use your smart phone or touch screen device, but more importantly your hands get cold, especially in extreme winter climates. Glider Gloves not only keep your hands warm while you text, but are the ideal solution for iPhone and Android users."

What makes the Glider Gloves work is the copper yarn the makers have weaved into them, which look kind of like those little suckers found on a squid's tentacles, though they're very small indeed. They're only put on the palm side of the gloves, which makes sense of course - and thanks to their presence you can touch, tap, swipe or whatever else you'd do with an interactive screen. The company says the design allows your electrical current to pass through the glove and interact with your technology.

The gloves' palms also feature "anti-slip grip silicone," which is a nice touch. I tend to have issues with keeping a glass and metal phone from sliding through my palm when I'm wearing gloves and more than once this has led to disaster - or at the very least a cracked phone case. With the Glider Gloves, however, I haven't any such issues, so if I drop my phone in the future while wearing them, it'll be my fault clearly.

I figured the Glider Gloves would cost an arm and a leg, since they're a specialty item, but they aren't expensive at all! A quick comparison check of The Bay's website showed "non-Glider" gloves ranging from about 15 bucks to over 100. Yet on Glider Gloves' website the Urban gloves - the lighter of the two main items (which make pretty decent driving gloves) - list for $24,99 and as of this writing (Friday, Feb. 24, 2017) they're also on sale for $18 CAD.

The Winter Gloves, which as their name implies are thicker and warmer (I wore them during some recent -20 Celsius weather and they kept my paws nice and toasty), list for $29.99 and are on sale currently for $24.95. Their "Ingress edition versions" list for $34.95 and are on sale for $29.99.

Ingress editions come in two incarnations: Resistance and Enlightened, which sounds like they'd be perfect for NeverTrumpers I wonder if there's a Deplorables version on the horizon…

The winter gloves are insulated with a thick, double-layer material the maker says are good for extended outdoor periods and if I ever stay outside that long I'll let you know if it's true (it undoubtedly is). According to their website, they can even be used when snowboarding and skiing, and make checking your phone on the chairlift "a relaxed and cozy experience" (if you aren't afraid of heights and swinging in a chair!).

I forgot to tell the folks at Glider Gloves what size I'd need, so they sent the Winter gloves in size Large and the Urban ones in XL. The sizes on offer, however, range right down to ones suitable for kids (wee paws for station identification?).

A size chart on the company's website is designed to help you choose the Glider Gloves that'll fit you the best. I found the XL urban gloves a bit too long for my stubby fingers, though the hand parts fit fine. The Large winter gloves fit my fingers beautifully but are a tad tight on the hands, proving either that you can never please everyone or that I'm just a short fatty…

Glider Gloves come with a 30 day exchange policy and a 90 day "plain and simple" warranty. To keep them clean you should hand wash them gently with mild soap and cold water, then lay them flat in a well-ventilated area to dry. The website warns against tumble drying them.

What a simple and elegant - and affordable - solution!

The U.S. Is Not A Democracy – So What Is It? PART 2

By Mark Herr, CSG Administrative Staff

U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Marshall said, “Between a balanced republic and a democracy, the difference is like that of order and chaos.” -From The Life of George Washington, Revised Edition 1832. The chaos gripping our present society is certainly not the ‘balanced’ republic Marshall was referring to. Our system is functioning more like a plane crashing - like a democracy.

Let’s explore ‘balanced republic,’ ‘democracy’ and ‘order and chaos’ by using an analogy. The U.S. government is comparable to a commercial aircraft. The pilot and co-pilot are the elected representatives. They are selected by qualified passengers (or U.S. voters). The flight attendants are the appointed and employed governors. Their job is to keep the passengers (all the American governed – both voter and non-voter alike) comfortable and calm for the duration of the flight (the destiny of the nation). 
Language of Liberty

The ‘voting’ passengers from the left side (Democrat, Liberal, etc.) and from the right side (Republican, Conservative, etc.) of the aircraft periodically vote to replace the pilots. A peaceful transfer of control takes place, right? Not so fast! In 2009, how did the right side respond to the blue pilot (Obama)? And in 2017, how is the left side reacting to the red pilot (Trump)?

The other ‘voting’ passengers (Independents, Libertarians, Constitution, and other voters) are assigned seats in the back of the plane alongside the ‘non-voting’ passengers. These passengers might feel as though they do not have a say in who controls the plane. From 2008 to 2017, how did the Libertarian and Constitution party passengers react?

When one side of the plane doesn’t like or want the newly selected pilots what do they do? They might complain, organize a protest, yell, hurt other passengers, or even scream at the flight attendants to remove those on the other side of the plane from the aircraft. In extreme cases they may try to undermine, overthrow, or even kill the pilots or hijack and crash the aircraft. In short, create chaos. This is how a representative democracy works; like the German government, for example. Unfortunately, the American culture is now being trained to think and function as a democracy and we are doing a very good job of creating chaos as a result.

Fortunately, real life flights are not like this – most of the time! Other than pilots, flight attendants and passengers, who else is involved in the function of the aircraft? Who fixes or maintains the aircraft, which symbolizes the systems in government?

Can the average German maintain his so-called democratic Federal republican system? You might say, “Yes, they get to vote!” But you get to vote too. Yet, following our analogy, isn’t voting merely selecting the pilots?  Voting is not maintaining the aircraft itself. Maintenance is one of our responsibilities. How many days or minutes per year does it take to vote for the pilots?

The U.S. Citizen’s Almanac instructs new American citizens that, “…voting ensures our system of government is maintained…” Are those few minutes per year equal to a German or an American maintaining their system (the aircraft) or are they merely switching out the pilots in control of the aircraft?

The U.S. mixed republic functions in a similar way to the German democratic Federal republic except for ONE major and profound difference: The U.S. governed (voters and non-voters) are unique in that they are their government’s sole maintenance crew.

In addition to being governed by the destiny of the aircraft and periodically voting to replace pilots, the passengers (the governed) are responsible for ‘keeping’ the system airworthy, or capable of overcoming gravity. Just like the nature of gravity, the pull of our human nature must be overcome to keep our nation (our aircraft) stable and on course. We can crash the plane with chaos or maintain it according to the designer’s specifications to keep it stable. It’s our choice.

In designing the U.S. system, the architects believed that we, the governed, are capable of carrying out daily preventative maintenance to balance our republic. This is known as self-government. In Federalist #39, James Madison stated “…we based all our political experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government.” The Framers determined that apart from the governed carrying out daily maintenance activities, the aircraft would inevitably crash. Thomas Jefferson said, “[Without becoming] familiar with the habit and practice of self-government, the political vessel is all sail and no ballast.” -Letter to Henry Dearborn, 1822

While the Framers were not specific on exactly how the governed were to balance and maintain order of the U.S. republic, the assignment of maintaining the newly established government was made clear to the governed. On September 17, 1787, Mrs. Eliza (Elizabeth) Powel inquired of Benjamin Franklin whether our new social contract (the Constitution) described a monarchy or a republic. He counseled her, “We have given you a republic, if you can keep it.”  ‘Keep’ means to maintain. -From the diary of Dr. James McHenry, Sep. 18, 1787.

We are the only ones who can keep the aircraft from crashing! We have inherited the only republic of its kind in history and it is indeed clear that it’s our responsibility to keep it.

For Mrs. Powel, the ‘preventative maintenance’ experiment began that day in 1787, and it continues for us today. Mrs. Powel became a role model of how ‘the governed’ are to keep their republic, in spite of the fact that she could not vote or hold public office. Her ‘keeping’ methods will be explored in Part 3.

Mark Herr, Co-founder and President of Center for Self Governance, was born in England to a military father and was raised in South Korea. He is a retired Air Force veteran who served his entire career in Tokyo, Japan.  Herr holds a BS in marketing & management and a MBA in finance & information systems.  As a social and political scientist, Mark devotes 289 days per year, nationwide, to studying and teaching State Constitution, Regional government, City-County government, training citizens and legislators in applied civics, and teaching high school students foundational civics. He is co-authoring the book "Speaking the Language of Liberty”.

The Language of Liberty series is a collaborative effort of the Center for Self Governance (CSG) Administrative Team.  The authors include administrative staff, selected students, and guest columnists. The views expressed by the authors are their own and may not reflect the views of CSG.  Contact them at info@tncsg.org. To learn more, go to CenterForSelfGovernance.com.

The U.S. is not a Democracy - So What Is It? Part 1

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Pope’s Audience Hall Appears to Feature the Serpent rather than the Creator

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Did the New World Order mind set play a sick joke on Catholics and the Pope in particular with the design of Pope Paul VI's audience hall in the Vatican? The depictions in a horrific sculpture of Our Lord and the hall itself seem to resemble a snake's body! This is the hypothesis of English writer David Icke whose interpretation is featured in Outer Dark's video discussing construction details.  According to Icke, "The global conspiracy is ruled by reptilian aliens who rule by blood lines and they control the world's resources. The elites are different from us."  The video's producer cites the Icke theory, but cautions viewers to form their own opinions; make up their own minds.  He says, "I'm an arm chair philosopher and come to my own theory." But he does not feel architects and designers just come up with ideas for construction, saying: "An architect does not design unless there's a reason."

Here's what is going on.  The Pope's audience hall  (video) serves as the 6,300 capacity arena for the Vatican's Wednesday papal audiences.  Events are attended by the devout who come from all over the world.  The reinforced, concrete structure contains a 15 ton bronze sculpture that is 66ft wide, 23ft tall and serves as a backdrop for the Pope as he greets his followers.  Christ is depicted rising from a tomb, "in the Garden of Olives while the earth is shaken by an enormous storm," according to comments explaining what sculptor Pericle Fazzini had in mind as he created the piece.  But as a blogger for the end-times web site states: "Images are important. Imagine sitting in front of that evilly horrific sculpture week after week conducting religious services with a serpent-looking Christ coming out of a man-made, bomb crater."  Fazzini sought to show Jesus Christ arising from an atomic bomb cataclysm.  HIS head is half blown away and pitiful looking humans surround HIM in the contemporary work of art entitled "Resurrection."  Ickes finds odd that such a horrific image would appear within the bunker type structure of the Pope's audience hall.  The deformed figure of Christ's Head is not congruous with the joy of HIS Resurrection from the dead.  "For God is not a God of Confusion but of Peace." 1 Corinthians 14:33. 

Even more disturbing is the interior appearance of the hall itself.  If one is seated far down the rows, near the stage and is preoccupied with the seriousness of the occasion, paying attention to overall symbolism probably would not be pertinent.  But the Outer Dark citizen philosopher suggests that a view from the back of the auditorium brings up snake like images.  He presents a diagram showing slant-eyed windows on either side of a ceiling that could be interpreted as the tails of a snake, drawing one's attention to the stage where the Pope sits between two fang-like support beams.  "Fangs" are repeated as the youtube video
goes on to point out the reptilian suggestion of snake skin on the wall tiles.  At first, the picture from the back of the room seems rather innocuous. But the more one stares at it, the more one becomes aware of the discomforting snake symbolism.  Arm chair philosopher asks, "Why is reptilian symbolism surrounding the Pope? Is the pathway to the Pope a snake's tail?"   

Outside, the unusual, undulating solar roof also suggests negative movement.  All of the electrical needs of the structure are supplied by 2,400 photovoltaic panels.  Germany's Solar World donated the award winning roof, now valued at $1.5 million.  The audience hall sits in two separate countries, the Vatican and Italy.  Pier Luigi Nervi, deceased, was the architect.  So as we approach the most glorious time of the Christian Liturgical calendar, ask yourselves, do you want the symbolism of Our Lord's Resurrection to suggest heavenly affirmation or the darkly visual sculpture of Christ arising from an atomic bomb crater?