Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Strangeness of the delusional Libertarian Party bubbles up at its nominating convention

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Is the delusional Libertarian Party a threat to Donald Trump’s election chances?  No.

At its recent nominating convention the Libertarian Party played its usual role as the builders of the Tower of Babble. The Party that talks a good game about protecting individual rights has always been a haven for self-delusional and essentially disaffected Democrats who can’t bring themselves to declare who they really are. Their convention brought that fact home in a big way. 
Gary Johnson and Bill Weld

When the attendees selected former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson as their standard bearer all seemed right in the delusional Party. Johnson had just quit his job as the head of a marijuana company so what could be bad?

But the delusional Party isn’t the delusional Party for nothing. And when Johnson tapped former Massachusetts Governor William Weld as his running mate, the true colors started running through the room.

Weld was immediately attacked as a “Republican lite” candidate (N.B. those who see the Libertarian party as a ‘little brother’ of the Republican Party ought to always keep this remark in mind when considering the merits of the delusional Party).    

After making his announcement, Johnson was pounced on by his rival Austin Petersen who make the following strange comment:  “It’s time for us to stop nominating failed Republicans and start nominating successful Libertarians. In 2012, he [Weld] didn't endorse Ron Paul, he didn't endorse you, he endorsed Mitt Romney. In 2016, he endorsed John Kasich. Why didn't your VP pick endorse you?"

Successful Libertarians, it should be noted, are as rare as unicorns.  

Johnson was booed when he tried to defend his choice by saying Weld was “the original Libertarian.”

The fun continued when Weld tried to defend himself. When asked who was worse-George W. Bush or Barack Obama-he gave a classic squishy politician’s reply: “I’d rate it a tie.”  To top off the strangeness Weld said “…when people think of Libertarians they often think of “unattractive people” in their neighborhoods.”

Monday, May 30, 2016

An American “Son of Fire” we must remember on this Memorial Day

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Let us never forget those who gave their life for our freedoms.

Remembering the brave men and women who gave their “last full measure of devotion” for our freedoms, requires us to take a moment on this Memorial Day to focus on the individuals behind the numbers and remember they are not just names on a wall.

One of those individuals who gave everything he had for us was Marine Captain John J. McKenna IV who was killed on August 16, 2006 during an operation in Fallujah, Iraq.

The story of John McKenna’s life and death is the story of a genuine American hero. Having had the great honor of spending a day with John J. McKenna III, the Captain’s father, I learned the story of how the McKenna family got the awful news of his death.  It was a reminder that the heroes who step forward to defend us come from America’s greatest asset: our families.            

Captain McKenna lost his life trying to comfort one of his men, Lance Corporal Michael Glover. They were conducting an operation near Fallujah in Iraq when Glover, who was the point man, was shot by a sniper. True to his nature as a great leader, McKenna wouldn’t order anyone else to go out to help Glover; he went himself. Witnesses say John had Michael Glover cradled in his lap when he too was shot and killed by the same sniper.

A few days after Captain McKenna’s death, John III was in the family’s old home in Brooklyn. They had recently sold it and he was taking one last look at the place where he and his wife Karen had raised John and his sister Allyson.

He was in Brooklyn for a final dental appointment and stopped at the house to make sure it was in order for the new owners. 

When the bell rang he thought it was neighbors coming by to wish him and his family well in their new home 175 miles away in upstate New York.

When he opened the door there was no need for words. He saw two Marine officers. He knew why they were there.  When the Marine officers heard Captain McKenna was a New York State Trooper on active duty as a reservist, they made arrangements to have the Troopers join in helping the McKenna family.

Soon a procession of government vehicles was taking John McKenna III back upstate to be with his wife and daughter. What happened when the motorcade turned onto his new street is one of those things that make us proud to be Americans. 

He recalled that even though they had moved into their new home just nine days before, every neighbor on his street was outside on the roadway with burning candles quietly paying tribute to the fallen Captain McKenna and his family.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The real dangers of the climate change myth

Published last year on the Coach is Right website, it’s instructive to see that nothing has changed. Though the “dangers” of Climate Change are still being pushed by the left, it remains the myth it has always been.

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

Climate Change, global warming or whatever the politically appropriate name of the day may be,  let’s look at some of the claims our left-wing, media doom-sayers are directing at low information voters about the coming environmental Armageddon.

1. The earth is getting hotter!   According to satellite data there has been no warming in over 17 years
2. The polar ice caps are melting!  One picture of a polar bear on a small piece of ice has been used for ten years now. In reality, the polar bears are thriving and the ice cap is 10% bigger than in 2010.
3. 97% of scientists agree global warming is coming!  But then, you can achieve any result you want when you throw out 35% of the papers that disagree with your premise. Of course when you start with over 10,000 scientific papers and find only 35 that agree with you, you need to do some real number crunching; or just lie. It’s easier.
4. Global warming is causing disasters.  Even the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC), the principle stronghold of global warming dread, disagrees, stating there is not enough evidence to make this statement.
5. The infamous hockey stick.  Why was Manns “hockey stick” or (schtick if you prefer) graph used instead of an honest one by Jones and Briffa? Because the image of the lie was more compelling. And the graph has been proven to be a lie over and again.

So let’s be truthful here. From tree rings to national security, our government is intent upon finding new ways to massively “transform” America. Massively higher taxes and more control of our everyday lives; these are the ultimate goals.  And bowing to the UN is one of the ways our government can become even more totalitarian without taking the blame.

Both the IPCC and our federal government have either cherry picked information or simply made it up in order to “prove” the contentions of a global left which is far more interested in power than in fact.

And where is the media in all this? The media has claimed global warming would cause more and bigger weather events such as tornadoes and hurricanes, all of which the numbers have shown to be false. We could also expect more armed conflicts, claims of coming wars which even the IPCC report debunked as nonsense. In fact that report has stated that there is no reason to believe climate change would have anything to do with violent conflicts.

Yet even though it did display an occasional glimpse of sanity, the IPCC report was so biased that one of its authors, Professor Richard Tol of Sussex University, refused to sign it. And Robert Stavins, the lead author of the report, sent an online letter to the US Daily Mail stating almost three quarters of the report had been deleted or revised.

It is necessary to determine whose interests are best served by global warming scares. Consider scientists being paid large grants by governments to do studies which will provide these same governments the opening they need to control more of our everyday lives. It’s an obvious conflict of interest. And what are the chances that an independent study which contests the government agenda would ever see the light of day? The first thing to determine in any study is who paid for it. Did they have preconceived notions or an agenda to satisfy prior to the work being done?

I was in the Philippines when Mount Pinatubo went up. For a decade, the amount of ash and other pollutants, including CO2 almost surrounded the earth. But in the decades since the eruption, the earth has regenerated the atmosphere to remove these pollutants. Although the area for miles around the volcano was devastated, it has come back green and the atmosphere is clean.

Politically it makes perfect sense to offer climate change as a danger to the planet. It provides the UN an unparalleled opportunity to advance a one world government agenda and control every aspect of our lives. The far left currently in charge of U.S. policy will eagerly accept the UN agenda no matter what American citizens may want.

It’s long past time that low information types and Kool Aid drinkers must wake up. 

Unfortunately there is precious little chance of that happening. And those who control the numbers, the policy and the federal check book know it.