Thursday, March 31, 2016

Will Kasich and Cruz willingly play the GOPe’s “Golden Retriever” to help steal Trump’s nomination?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In sports we use the “magic number” formula to describe a team’s chances to either clinch a pennant or be eliminated. Ted Cruz has a “magic” elimination number.  When either Donald Trump or John Kasich win a combination of 184 delegates, Cruz’s mathematical chance to win the nomination with 1,237 delegates is gone.  Since the number of available delegates left to be won is a zero sum game; every delegate not won by Cruz moves him closer to his “magic” number downward. 

Ted Cruz
Even if Cruz sweeps Wisconsin, which is not a sure thing because Trump is either leading or close, Cruz’s magic number will all but bottom out after the April 19th Northeast Super Tuesday which will put 267 delegates up for grabs.  Even if Kasich can cut into Trump’s Northeastern hold, it is all but impossible to make a case that Cruz wins enough delegates to hold off the crash of his magic number.  

John Kasich
John Kasich has no magic number. His campaign was over the day he announced.  Nevertheless, both can act as agents of Mitt Romney’s GOPe and continue to try to keep delegates out of Trump’s column.

After April 19th there will be only one reason to vote for either Cruz or Kasich and that will be to force a disastrous, contested convention in July. That would help only Mitt Romney or whomever he deigns to lay hands on to help him steal the nomination. The voters will recognize this because they are smarter than the “experts” think they are. In the remaining primaries, Trump will successfully frame the issue as Trump vs a Contested Convention.  For it’s a safe bet that such a convention will be manipulated by the GOPe to nominate another polite, PC loser like Romney. 
If he actively campaigns after he is eliminated, Cruz will play the part of Romney’s Golden Retriever, poised to scamper out into the swamp to scoop up the nomination, give it to Romney, take a treat and sit back down.

I don’t think that Ted Cruz will do this; but I think John Kasich would. The problem for both of them is that neither will be given the nomination he helps to steal. They will have to be content with a few treats.   

I would certainly support Ted Cruz if…

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

I wanted to support Ted Cruz as the Republican nominee for president from the start but more than a few “IFs” got in the way.

I would support Cruz if I could somehow “un-know” that he is a hypocrite who, while running to be the bishop of Iowa and Utah, has groveled before gay marriage supporting homosexuals in San Francisco and in “New York values” New York City.

I would support Cruz if I could just forget that he has been purchased by the “Wolves of Wall Street,” Goldman Sachs and Citibank, with big donations and questionable “loans.”

I would support Cruz if I could “un-hear” his voice as he shockingly supported the paid disrupters of Sanders and Soros when they used Hitler like tactics to stop Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago. I wish I had not heard Cruz speak in favor of illegal aliens waving Mexican flags and bragging about “shutting Trump down” but I did, so I can’t support Cruz.

I could support Cruz if I could only forget the dirty trick he pulled on Ben Carson in Iowa but I can’t, so I can’t.

If I could “un-know” that it was Jeff Roe, Cruz’s campaign manager, who requested the pictures of Trump’s wife from GQ, I could support Cruz, but I can’t, so I won’t.

If I wasn’t so painfully embarrassed for Cruz at his lame insistence that his CUBAN MISTRESS CRISIS is Trump’s doing and if I had actually heard Cruz deny the whole story, point by point, I could deny my doubts and support him, but I can’t so I can’t.

If someone could name a single state Cruz could win in a general election that Mitt Romney did not win, I could support him.

If someone could convince me that Cruz is not a tool of Mitt Romney, being used to bring about the theft of the nomination from Trump so that it can be given to a loser like Romney, I would support Cruz. But no one can, so I can’t.   

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The steady stream of bile and hatred toward Trump needs some perspective

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Unless you are a careful consumer of political news you might believe the torrent of hate filled stories directed toward Donald Trump. You might believe that 100% of women, 110% of minorities, 1000 % of the mom’s basement crowd and 1000% of the Republican Establishment will vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump.

Before going further it is worth noting that despite all of these groups being against him, Trump has won so many primaries and has so many delegates that he is the only one with a reasonable chance to get to the required 1237 delegates needed to secure the nomination. Cruz has to win 83% of the remaining delegates and has a “magic” number of just 173, meaning when 173 delegates have gone to either Trump or Kasich he is finished.

In a moment of accidental journalistic integrity, the LA Times decided to interview Trump supporters. Here’s a cross-section of the people they found.       

They found a lifelong California Democrat who will vote for Trump.

In Phoenix (Trump won the Arizona primary by over-shooting his poll numbers by 8 points) the Times author found Trump supporters who like Trump’s unpredictability which fits their hunger for an unconventional candidate.

He found others who are excited to hear a candidate talk about the real problems they deal with every day.

A waiter mentioned Trump’s trade policies as a sign that wages and his standard of living would improve.

Others talked about how Obamacare needs to be dismantled and see Trump as the man to do that.  

A California Democrat said he felt Trump’s comments about Mexico sending their criminals here illegally was “refreshingly honest” and he does not see this as an attack on all Latinos or all immigrants. He rejects the characterization of Trump as a racist.

He has not yet decided how to react to Trump’s attacks on Heidi Cruz and may still vote against Trump; but he sees Trump as less prone to go to war than other candidates.  

Another Californian said the attacks in Belgium make the case that only Trump can handle terrorism.  

A female small business owner who describes herself as a pro-choice, Catholic environmentalist and supporter of Gay marriage liked Trump from day one. She is tired of paying for freeloaders and rejects and being called a racist because she is against illegal immigration. These are the people who support Trump.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Fundamental Transformation of American Immigration

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

Immigration is a concept that has divided America. An understanding of what Immigration has done in the past and what it will do in the future is something that must be understood and dealt with. The discussion must be engaged by all, including the administration in charge, the other countries involved and the citizens who take part.

September 11, 2001 forced changes in US immigration policy. The Homeland Security Act split the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) into three sections: Customs and Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and US Citizen and Immigration Services. Not surprisingly, this latest federal attempt to make things easier has made coordination of Immigration Services much more difficult.

At present there is confusion about what this administration is attempting to do. Executive action has allowed those covered by Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to obtain work permits, taking positions from American citizens who need jobs and lowering the wages of those who have jobs. Although this administration would say differently, data from ICE has shown a 58% decrease in deportation.

In February of 2015, Federal District Judge Andrew Hanen put a judicial hold on Obama’s immigration program. (1) Of course the administration has continued to work with illegals against the order. One year earlier, in April of 2014, 872,000 illegals were released onto the American public including 165,000 convicted criminals. Many of the challenges we face are based on Obamas “prosecutorial discretion” and “deferred actions.” This has had a detrimental impact on the economy as American citizens lose jobs to illegal aliens and wages stagnate across the nation.

But of course, the well-being of American citizens is hardly a priority for Barack Obama. This most corrupt president in the nation’s history knows full well that illegals are pleased to vote contrary to the law and at an 80% clip for Democrats, even as they continue to vote themselves the entitlements that the administration has promised them.

It is time for Congress to step in and force this administration to follow the letter of the law. Judge Hanen has already attempted to stop one aspect of Barack Obama’s willful abuse of power, but his ruling has been largely ignored. It has gone so far that the DHS are now flying immigrants all over the country to be with their families, all at taxpayer expense. DHS busses have dropped off illegals at Social Security offices where they can obtain a card and a vast array of benefits. It’s just another step in implementing the socialist utopia that progressives wish to impose on the American people.  Obama exacerbated the problem when he made it clear to our southern neighbors that all would be welcome to participate in the DACA program. With 50 million of our own people on assistance and a workforce labor rate of only 62%, it does not make sense to bring more people in.

It’s time that changes are made. It is claimed that we can’t deport all of the illegals currently on American soil. That may be true.  But if Congress will grow a spine, enforce the law, including E-Verify and heavily fine those companies which deliberately hire illegals, then perhaps we can start to make a comeback to an economy that is growing.

The facts are clear: There is no longer any rationale for a Cruz candidacy

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

After the disgraceful conduct of the Republican establishment over the past few weeks, it is clear that Ted Cruz has become a pawn in their scheme to hold on to power.

The feckless manner in which Willard Romney first endorsed Marco Rubio, then John Kasich and finally Ted Cruz shows that he and his co-conspirators have no core principles except gaining and holding onto power.  The “little people” believe this bunch of quislings actually care about winning elections, when in fact they don’t. After all, they have already said they would vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

The endorsement of Cruz by Lindsey Graham who openly detests him and has stated preservation of their Republican Party is the most important goal in this election – apparently even at the expense of our country--is as cynical as it gets. It makes it abundantly clear that Cruz is either a rube or a willing participant but either way he is not showing himself to be a “principled conservative.”

Having Jeb Bush call Cruz a “principled conservative” is a blatantly patronizing example of what these hypocrites really think about the Senator from Texas. They will say anything to get Cruz to be their errand boy and hang on long enough to give them a “plausible reason” to step in and “save the Republican Party” from George Will’s vulgar and unwashed mob candidate.

As things stand today, when Cruz loses another 173 delegates he will join the noxious liar John Kasich as merely a spoiler doing the bidding of those who have no intention of helping either one become the nominee.

Even if the Republican primary voters of Wisconsin are blind to the sham of a continued Cruz campaign, Trump will squeeze out enough votes on April’s Northeastern Super Tuesday to end the Texas senator’s chances before a quarter of the votes are counted.

So the questions now are: When will Cruz stop being used by the very establishment that hates him perhaps even more than it hates Trump? When does Cruz man-up and once again become the strong, principled conservative that filibustered his way into our hearts and gained our respect?

Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.