Thursday, August 2, 2018

Ready? The Battle is Joined: Steve Bannon vs George Soros

The following article appeared in Liberty on July 31st

Not one to sit back and do nothing, Steve Bannon has taken his battle for liberty and free markets to Europe. And this puts him up against none other than the leftist beast George Soros. Win, lose, or draw, this is bound to be an amusing political battle for the heart and soul of all those nations across the pond who have grown weary of the European Union.
Steve Bannon

It is widely reported this week that the former presidential advisor is revving up a political action committee (PAC) that will promote public policy as it bolsters populism and energizes Euro-skeptics.

Left Goes Surface-to-Air

Mr. Bannon’s new endeavor will be called “The Movement.” And his goal is to take down the EU – a noble pursuit indeed. This news is, of course, causing the left to go ballistic. Here are just a couple of quick reactions to make your day:

From The Daily Beast: LONDON—Steve Bannon plans to go toe-to-toe with George Soros and spark a right-wing revolution in Europe.

From Vox: This all sounds scary!

The Bannon bogeyman will be working with his old pal Raheem Kassam, formerly of Breitbart, who is one sharp cookie. “We’re focusing attention on assisting individuals or groups concerned with the matters of sovereignty, border control, jobs, amongst other things,” Kassam told Reuters.

Bannon will partner with like-minded European organizations to get the biggest bang for his buck. Liberal U.K. MP Layla Moran had the most enjoyable line of the day upon the announcement of Bannon’s “movement.” She said, “Ukip[U.K. Independence Party] teaming up with fascist-in-chief Steve Bannon is an unholy alliance of racist charlatans across the Channel.”

Guess she’s not a fan.

Is Steve Ready to take on George?
George Soros

All this means that Mr. Bannon will be going head-to-head with longtime leftist activist George Soros. As of late, Soros has been lamenting his inability to make an impact despite pouring billions into Europe to bring about his unified, far left worldview. More on that here, here, and here. “The Movement” is supposed to directly take on the Open Society Foundation, the organization which has been Soros’s main vehicle that he uses to plant the seeds for an “overhaul of the world order.” However, Mr. Soros has been losing his crusade, as reported by

Even though at 87 years of age, Soros appears to be down, he is certainly not out. He has already poured in $15 million to help elect Democrats in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections, and he’s sticking his hand straight into the anti-Brexit 2.0 pie. The Hungarian businessman has watched one after another of his efforts to move the world toward his extreme leftist liking fail.

Without a doubt, Bannon will need a boatload of cash to take on Mr. Soros, but as we saw in the recent presidential election, money doesn’t ensure success. After all, Hillary outspent Trump $768M to $398M. Bannon can only hope that his efforts will follow in President Trump’s footsteps.

Early on in Mr. Trump’s presidency, I wrote that Soros and the president could be likened to a sort of battle of thoroughbreds – vying for the heart and soul of America. And it seemed like an entertaining idea at the time to wager on one of the two. Trump, it appeared, had the mojo to take the lead down the stretch for a win. And thus far that has proven true.

So perhaps it’s time for the morning-line odds – in which case you might want to place your bets on Bannon — as Soros seems a more like a Broodmare these days than a thoroughbred ready to enter the Winner’s Circle.

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