Saturday, August 11, 2018


The following article appeared in Rick Wells.US on August 10th

Posted by CS Brock

Host Mark Levin said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is being urged to create a crime “by a so-called free press that pretends to be protecting us from tyranny” and the Democrat Party.
Mark Levin

He continued saying, so we have a prosecutor with an open-ended portfolio with no actual crime. And seeks to create one, and he’s urged to create one by a so-called free press that pretends to be protecting us from tyranny. He’s urged to create one by a Democrat party—which, from day one, sought to undo Trump’s election.

This is why I’ve spent so much time on Fox, not because I want to, because I felt I needed to, because I felt the president’s lawyers could hear me that way. This is why I spent so much time on Levin TV and behind this microphone talking about these subjects, to get the word out to you, the people, so you could spread the word too.

It was not understood six, seven, eight months ago that, according to two Department of Justice memos, a sitting president cannot be indicted while in office. The issue isn’t whether he’s above the law. The issue is the Constitution, and whether Mr. Mueller can, on his own, alter it. And whether Mr. Mueller, on his own, can alter the outcome of an election by trying to create a trap for a president.

Levin continued that Mr. Mueller only knows one thing as a former FBI director, former U.S. attorney: going after criminals, that’s all he knows using the power and the resources of the federal government to put people in prison. And yet, when it comes to the president of the United States, that’s not his job; he can’t put the president in prison.

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