Wednesday, July 4, 2018

When America is Great Again: A Poem by Coach is Right Reader Judy B.

Judy B. sent this poem to us in 2015, celebrating the promise of a Donald Trump election victory the following year. It's certainly fitting that we post this on the 4th of July

When America is great again
We'll remember who we are
A nation born of heroes
Beneath the stripes and stars

Our place in the world will be restored
Our friends and foes alike
Will once again be awestruck
When the Eagle retakes flight

Our homeland will flourish
Our borders will be struck
Invasion by illegals
No longer run amok

The architects of hatred
Division and disdain
Will be crushed by We The People
When America is great again

We'll heal the scars of oppression
By ruling class elites
And banish the forces of evil
From our nations' streets

Political corruption
Will be found & rooted out
Replaced by Christian values
Cuz that's what we're about

Once more our law enforcement
Can protect us without fear
Of being killed or prosecuted
On that we will be clear

Our vets will be honored
Our soldiers revered
By a grateful nation
They will be cured

Anxious to celebrate the 4th of July
Instead of wanting to break down & cry
American Proud, shouted loud
When America is Great Again

Judy B

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