Tuesday, July 3, 2018

What they must believe to think a Blue Wave is coming

By Kevin Collins

The mythical “Blue Wave” is taking on the shape of the Japanese Kamikaze or “Divine Wind.” As the legend goes, a few hundred years ago the Japanese, who believed Divine Providence would always help them, were on the brink of total annihilation by the Chinese when a “Divine Wind” which is “ kamikaze”, in Japanese, blew the Chinese fleet into splinters and Japan was saved.

Right up until 1945 the Japanese believed a kamikaze would save them and they even tried to make it happen with suicide missions.

The left in America believe a Blue Wave will be their “Divine Wind” which will blow away the forces of Trumpiam America and save their decadent lifestyle.

Whether this will happen or not may be a subject for debate in some circles; but what is almost certainly not debatable is the list of other prerequisite beliefs the left must hold dear to believe in their kamikaze’s arrival.

To believe in the coming of a Blue Wave, the left must also believe:

The New York Times is too easy on Trump;

Global warming is real;

cutting the tag off your pillow will get you sent to jail;

your highway speed is monitored by airplane;

CNN is the most trusted name in news;

O. J. was innocent both times;

Trump can be impeached because Democrats don’t like him;

everyone in America hates Trump;

everyone they don’t like is a Nazi;

harassing conservatives will make us see how wonderful liberalism is;

Democrats fought the Civil War to free Black slaves held by the Republicans;

America started World War II when we nuked Hiroshima;

Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch talked about their grandchildren during the tarmac meeting;

Martin Sheen was the President of the United States;

John McCain was called “Song Bird” by his fellow Hanoi Hilton prisoners because they liked his rendition of ‘God Bless America’;

Elizabeth Warren is an Indian;

Rachel Dolezal and Shawn King are Black;

Bruce Jenner is a woman;

Jesse Jackson is a reverend and;

America put a man on Mars

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