Monday, July 2, 2018

Those Who Live by the Court...

Ed. The left has done some 'Living' and lately some ‘Dying by the Court’ as unfavorable decisions have been handed down on the Trump Travel Ban and the theft of dues money by public sector unions. Another TRUE conservative on the Court and homosexual marriage could be revisited along with abortion and what remains of affirmative action.

Let’s hope that the fears of leftists are well founded and a conservative justice is appointed to the Supreme Court and quickly confirmed.

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on June 30th

The wailing and gnashing of teeth you hear from leftists about the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy is their admission that the massive changes imposed on America are not the result of convincing Americans that the left’s ideas are good but of the leftists convincing a few Supreme Court justices to unconstitutionally impose them on the people.
Justice Kennedy, the Founder of Homosexual Marriage

By building their “new” America on a foundation of sand, leftists have exposed their entire agenda to ruin if the Supreme Court stops being a partisan lawmaking agency and returns to its Constitutional role of interpreting the law in the light of what those who wrote it thought and what the words of the law actually say.

In a true representative republic, the government the Constitution defines and the government the people have agreed to live in, who is on the Supreme Court would be a matter of supreme indifference to everyone, because all the judges are supposed to do is apply the law as written and take into account the intentions expressed by those who put the law, which includes the Constitution, into effect.

But since the 1940s, and accelerating in the 1960s, Leftists have remade the U.S. government and enthroned the unelected judges on the Supreme Court as our true masters.

By declaring that the Constitution is a “living” document, judges have asserted the right and the duty to remake our country in the image that they believe is best.

Not one of the socially revolutionary changes that leftists have inflicted on America has been a result of the democratic process.  Among the core leftist issues that have been imposed on the American people by the unelected judges are:

1) Coddling criminals and throwing away valid physical evidence based on technicalities
2) Legalizing pornography
3) Legalizing abortion for any reason at any point in the pregnancy
4) Redefining marriage
5) Saving an unconstitutional ObamaCare by declaring that what the law said were fees and which the politicians who passed the bill said were fees were actually taxes
6) Declaring that religion has to be excluded from the public square while atheism was allowed to stay there

Without activist judges who betrayed their oaths and America by imposing their personal beliefs on America, leftists would have made little or no progress imposing their vision.

While Americans would have supported the ending of beating confessions out of criminals, they'd have been unlikely to support the Court’s saying that a clerk putting the wrong date on a search warrant meant that physical evidence should be thrown out.

Given that the harsh treatment of suspects had been found to be Constitutional for nearly 150 years before the Warren Court decided that it wasn’t, it’s hard to believe that the intent of the Framers or the words in the Constitution justified the sweeping restrictions that the judges placed on the justice system.

(article continues HERE)

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