Sunday, July 8, 2018

Latest Harvard-Harris poll holds Maalox Moments for Dems: Here’s what the media slipped by us

By Kevin Collins

The latest Harvard-Harris poll has nothing but bad news for Democrats. The chances are you didn’t hear about this because you and I are not supposed to know what the results were.

In spite non-stop attacks, Donald Trump’s approvals is up to 47% which is +2 in a month. Trump is proving that, whatever doesn’t kill him (and there doesn’t seem to be anything that can) has made him stronger.
Sic 'em, baby!

By 69/ 31 Americans see the economy as strong.

By 68/26 Americans are saying their personal financial situation is strong and improving.

Trump’s approval on creating jobs is much higher than his overall approval rating:

When it comes to stimulating job growth 58% approve of Trump’s performance with another 57% approving of his job on the economy.

Trump is solidly backed on his DACA compromise with 63% standing with him showing NO change in months. Another 61% want MORE border security, ending any thought the Democrats might have about selling America on open borders which is favored by just 24%. A huge 76% said secure the borders.

SIXTY Percent want a wall consisting of physical barriers and electronic barriers.

Fifty One PERCENT say illegal aliens bring crime with just 7% saying illegals reduce crime.

By 69/31 Americans do not want ICE disbanded and the whining from Democrats about being too tough on illegals has backfired with 70% saying we need stricter enforcement.   

Sixty four percent want Immediate deportation for those caught crossing our border illegally.
On the question of allowing those who cross our border illegally with children to stay, 61% said NO send them back and another 53% said prosecute even parents with children when they cross our border illegally. Another 55% said hold them in detention centers until they get a hearing.  

Fifty three percent say prosecute all illegal crossers, thereby demonstrating that Americans support Trump’s zero tolerance policies. The media has failed to dent that support.

By 55/45 Americans disapprove of catch and release. Forty seven percent believe in catch and release when children are involved but 53% says hold them too.  

By 88/12 Americans want parents and children held together, 80% want more immigration judges and 55% want tough requirements for asylum seekers..

55% want tough requirements for asylum seekers and they want specific proof of their government’s persecuting them.

Seventy three percent are happy Trump stopped family separations and 71% approve Trump’s Executive Order to stop separations.

A huge 84% disapprove of sanctuary cities not notifying immigration authorities of the arrest of an illegal.

If the new Mexican President follows through with his expressed intention to encourage massive, illegal border crossings by Mexicans, 65% say use sanctions and tariffs to retaliate. 

Another 57% say build the wall to retaliate.

Seventy two percent say it is not acceptable for a restaurant to discriminate against people for their political views.   

A solid 57% approve of Trump’s handling of North Korea 74% approve of Trump’s meeting with Kim and another 59% approve of our government’s handling of North Korea. Sixty one percent see Trump’s agreement with Kim as a diplomatic victory.  

Sixty four percent approve of suspending joint exercises between US and South Korean military forces. Another 52% think Trump should get a Nobel Peace Prize for taming the situation in Korea.  

Fifty four percent think Trump has been too lenient in trade negotiations with China.  

Fifty nine percent believe thee Mueller Investigation is hurting the country, and just 35% think Mueller has found evidence of Russian collusion showing this is fading as an issue.  

Sixty percent want the FBI and CIA investigated for their actions/inactions in the Hillary Clinton email case and 64% support a special council to do so. Seventy seven percent say the FBI and DoJ must start turning over documents requested by Congress.

Clearly whatever doesn’t kill Trump makes him stronger.


  1. The media is dishonest in two ways: 1) the fake news it reports and 2) the real news it refuses to report.

  2. You said it all, Brother! I agree!!