Friday, June 8, 2018

Parkland’s Kasky: Trump Admin Sidestepping Gun Issues to Tear Kids Away From Families at the Border

Ed.  CNN is once again hoping to convince its few remaining viewers that 17 year old kids have all the answers when in fact, these kids don't even understand the questions. Why would a major network wish to appear so foolish?

The following article appeared in Breitbart on June 7th

By Pam Key

Tuesday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Cameron Kasky, March for Our Lives organizer and survivor of the February 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, accused the Trump administration of sidestepping gun issues.
Cameron Kasky; Expert.

Instead, Kasky argued they were focusing “on tearing more kids away from their families at the border.”

Kasky said, “I think this administration wants to do ever single thing in their power to avoid this, to sidestep this issue so they can focus on tearing more kids away from their families at the border. This administration does not care about gun violence. They certainly do not care about school safety. They are trying to get out of this with a clean slate, trying to appease any crowd they are in front of and there are people in this country who will believe them.”

He added, “The thing is, the majority of the country understands this is a whole bunch of garbage. The Stop School Violence Act is a bag of hot air that will do nothing to save anybody at any schools. And at that is why we are getting out and voting these midterms and every election ahead of us. We have taken the right to vote for granted and that is why we are making sure we are holding our politicians accountable—not only by marching in the streets but marching into voting booths and hitting them where it hurts—the polls.”

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