Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Alec Baldwin: ‘If I Ran for President, I Would Win’

Ed. I don't often post news about insignificant weasel droppings like Alec Baldwin on The Coach's Team, but this article reveals the true depth of Democrat political problems, both this year and stretching into 2020. 

Democrats have turned to Hollywood celebrities for help in getting out the Party message. That tactic didn't work very well for Hillary in 2016. And voters are not about to identify with Barbara Streisand or Robert de Niro this time around. It should surprise no one that the self-infatuated Alec Baldwin considers himself a shoe-in for the Oval Office. But depending on the Hollywood left for campaign messaging spells true desperation for Democrats.

The following article appeared in Breitbart on June 12th

By Ben Kew

Actor and Saturday Night Live star Alec Baldwin told SiriusXM Howard Stern in an interview on Monday that he would “absolutely” win the presidential election against President Donald Trump.
Baldwin mocking the infinitely superior George Washington

“If I ran, I would win,” Baldwin told Stern. “I would absolutely win. One thousand percent.”

Baldwin said the two things preventing him from running would be his family and having to give up his role as host of the ABC game show The Match Game. 

“If I ran for president, I would win. Hands down, I would win,” Baldwin insisted. “It would be the funniest, most exciting, craziest campaign.”

However, the Saturday Night Live star conceded that although he would “love” to run for high office, he remains hopeful that a serious challenger to Trump for 2020 presidential election will emerge.

“Somebody great is going to come up, I hope,” Baldwin said. “I’d love to run for that kind of position to just have things be very common sense. There are so many things that this country needs to do that are so obvious.”

In the same interview, Baldwin also suggested that Trump’s meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un on Monday was actually a ploy to hide the fact that he is planning to fire FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller from the ongoing Russia investigation.
Brief Baldwin self-infatuation on youtube

“It’ll be like Kubrick faked the moon landing,” Baldwin explained. “As soon as you have the appearance of that feather in his cap, they’re going to fire [special counsel Robert] Mueller. I think [Trump] needs something, a win, to obscure that he’s going to fire Mueller.”

The 60-year-old Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol star remains a fervent critic of the Trump presidency, and in March revealed he was working on a “project” that would help remove Trump from office.

In April, Baldwin urged voters in the midterm elections to “save” the United States from Trump, who he described as an “untalented madman,” while also claiming that the White House is full of “pirates, whores, and thieves.”

“What is most disconcerting about Trump is that he has so dramatically eroded human nature itself,” he wrote on Twitter. “Trump has pulled us all down into spending precious time agonizing over what is next and how much worse can it get.”

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