Friday, May 25, 2018

The Crazy Democrats are now clearly in control as the Democrat civil war explodes everywhere

Ed.  There is a an ongoing war for control of the Democrat Party between the Crazy and Insane Elements. Author Collins describes the battle plans here.

By Kevin Collins

This is the latest update on the Democrat civil war.

First let’s welcome Fox News to “frontline” reporting on the Democrat civil war. Those of us that have been watching this circus unfold are happy to see other people “get it.”
Loons we know and love!

The media’s insistence upon ignoring the new generic poll lead for Republicans and Donald Trump’s consistently high approval ratings cannot hide the fact that the Democrat party is imploding by the week.

This week another round of Democrat primaries spilled a few more gallons of Insane Democrat blood. For those just joining us, The Insane Democrats, are the ones who want to lie and hide their real agenda as they always do. They are in a civil war fight to the death with The Crazy Democrats who want to be out front about their agenda to destroy America.

The Crazies will only back candidates who say out loud they will repeal the Second Amendment and confiscate our guns, repeal Trump’s tax cuts; grant total amnesty to the world, and impeach Trump. The Crazies will not vote in November and this is the terrible bind The Insanes are in.

Tuesday’s Democrat primaries brought victories to The Crazies in two governor’s races. In Texas they nominated a far left wing lesbian and in Georgia they nominated another far left wing female. Neither has the slightest chance of winning in November but The Crazies couldn’t care less. They want what they want – period!

In the Democrat primary to face Republican Karen Handel (6th CD Ga)there will be a runoff between The Crazy candidate and The Insane candidate. The probable outcome will be a Crazy victory as they always out vote The Insanes in primaries.

In Kentucky’s 6th CD a Crazy won and will run against an incumbent Republican who won in 2016 by more than 20 points; but The Crazies could not care less. They want what they want – period!

The Insanes did however, take three primaries in Texas; one of which they had a prayer of winning in the general election in November before the plummeting generic numbers showing Democrat support is now in a free fall and two others they have little chance of winning.

When these results are juxtaposed with the terrible fundraising numbers just reported by the DNC the picture is bleak for The Insanes. Clearly The Crazies are not contributing to the DNC because they don’t want to support The Insane wing’s candidates. They are sending their money to their own candidates.

Who on our side is not happy to see this?

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