Tuesday, May 22, 2018

School Shooter

by Suzanne Eovaldi, Jerry Todd and Jim Coles

Another school shooting, another young white male in custody, seemingly non-existent red flag warnings of such violence, such horror.  One CBS reporter concluded his on-the-scene-account of the Santa Fe school carnage by saying, "Still no motive." But of course, there is a motive.  Why are school shooters primarily young, white, public school students, quiet, seemingly unassuming, yet loaded with so much anger that they take to the one object of their anger-their public schools-their hurt and their misery? The violence of pressure cookers, Molotov cocktails a shotgun and a .38 revolver expressed by this most recent, white male shooter.

Look into the young shooter's eyes, for they reveal the mind and the heart.  His eyes cast to the right, both reveal his disgust, his silent rage, the mirroring of his set in stone lips; this young man's eyes are saying no one listens to me, no one honors me as a person, no one in this building cares about me.  Additionally, review the facts that he participated in a national history competition and that he opened fire first in the art classroom.  Walk back these details of a young male of proud Greek heritage, with a love of history that taught him the notion that democracy was founded by such heritage and finally feeling such denigration, such humiliation, such anger, such despondency that he turns to the one object that so angers modern America's cultural elite, the gun.  Do not miss the heart shaped pin on his cap turned backward.

Our online roundtable of generational observers sent me some comments which may be considered in this horror.  "All of history must be rewritten in terms of the oppression of women…we must go back to ancient female religions…a document of feminism," is a quote reportedly by Gloria Steinem, former editor of Ms. Magazine.  The early arbitrator of America's now corrosive feminism also reportedly said, "for the sake of those who wish to live in equal partnership, we have to abolish and reform the institution of legal marriage…by the year 2000, we will, I hope, raise our children to believe in human potential, not God."

Two, older male roundtable commenters, namely Jerry Todd, a 50's classmate from the University of Illinois and a retired scientist and Jim Cole say in contemporary response:  "No men at home, women-led fractional family units , no work ethic examples of Dad getting up & going to work every day, then bringing home a paycheck; no male confidant during sensitive, formative, transitional years leaves many boys feeling alone, dazed, confused, angry…with no man to teach moderation of response, the boys go off…" And herein lies the hidden motive that no obsequious, media "news" types want to tell us: "Add…the Left's chronic and accelerating assaults on 'whiteness' and promotion of anti-social behaviors and the witch's violence brew comes to a boil, time and time again."

America's ‘government’ schools use young, white males merely as ‘fillers’ who are passed over in classroom discussions, who are never asked their opinions, who rarely get to be recognized for merits, who perhaps achieve and excel, yet who see other, lesser students speed past them to honor the god of multi-cultural, political correctness.  How about the affirmative action paradigms that see highly qualified, white males passed over for college admissions while, recently, two black students received a fortune in scholarship proffers and Ivy League perquisites?

I have been in classrooms most of my life and am increasingly disturbed by the cruel treatment of young white males.  I point to dumb-down, grade inflation trends which, for at least the past 25 years, put white males on equal footing with low-achievers regardless of grades actually earned.  I decry how America's educators focus ad-nauseum on denigrating the basis of our culture, our English language, our American Literary traditions that taught moral principles of God based moral behavior, our magnificent American history that took its basis from the Greek paradigm of government by the citizens, not by the societal elites.  Unfettered power rests in the hands of government operatives who dictate what and how our government schools must teach.  How do you think a virile young male, just becoming aware of his sexual posterity, feels when he is force-fed lessons that blur his identity?  "I don't want to marry an American woman," one of my students once told me.  When I asked him why, he told me, "because she will kill (abort) my babies."

And so we return to just what was this young shooter's motive?  Jerry Todd, my CA online panelist, points to how TV commercials quickly are pulled when an advertiser employs hurtful cultural images to depict an Hispanic actor. Yet the "dolts" portrayed in our media culture are invariably white American males.  There are so many offenses against this demographic; the men who founded our country, produced and wrote our founding documents, fought and won our defining wars and wrote great American Literature no longer taught in our government schools.  What of the history and society changing inventions, the methods of manufacturing and distribution that made these extraordinary items available to average Americans? What of the men who traveled to and walked on the moon? There also exists the beauty of advice and kindness that only males, not females, have given me over my many years, helping me the most at times when I really needed help.

But America's schools are controlled now by the multicultural, the politically correct elites who act out the socialist and progressive maxims of the new world types who seek to control America by controlling the minds of its most powerful assets, our children.  One of the saddest scenes I saw this week was that of pre-schoolers being led out of their ‘warehouse’ which was next door to an explosion scene.  Where are the mothers of these babies?  Why have we let a liberal progressive, political contagion put Big Daddy government in our homes as the father?  Why do we continue to allow American males be spit upon, much as veterans in my classes many years ago were spit upon as they got off planes from Viet Nam out at O'Hare Airport?  Something is very wrong in this nation today.  Our schools spend enormous amounts of money on an educational system that places our children well below the achievement levels of other developed nations.  That is inexcusable. Something is very wrong here.  School shooters may well continue to use guns as an exclamation point to our American tragedy.

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  1. Much right here, although it could have gone much farther into the liberal influence of education and the fact we've allow such heinous acts as not being able to fire many professors and teachers...getting remunerated no matter your accomplishment is one of Americas great sicknesses. Great article.