Wednesday, May 9, 2018

New Democracy Corps survey looks rosy for Democrats but doesn’t pass the smell test

by Kevin Collins

Democracy Corps (DC) is a polling service used by Democrats to give them an idea of what lies to tell as they try to fool voters to gain their support at the polls. Each spring during election cycles DC prepares its report. Last week DC released its 2018 survey; and at first glance it looks rosy for Democrats.

To properly evaluate this report, readers must keep in mind that DC spoke to respondents between April 5 and April 12 which is a political century ago.

It was conducted during the overheated and manufactured hysteria following the murders at a high school in Florida. The staged demonstrations that followed were, at first sincere expressions of grief and frustration but they were eventually hijacked and turned into Democrat registration drives.

The heartless Democrats tried to make them into rallies to disband and outlaw the NRA and blame Republicans for gun violence caused largely by Democrat policies. The culpability of the FBI and local Democrats’ had not fully surfaced during the survey period.

The feigned “anger” toward Republicans has since died down with its only significant achievement being to make the NRA stronger than ever;and April set a record for firearms purchases.
School Superintendent R. Runcie who kept the PROMISE program a secret

Moreover the Broward County School officials have now been forced to admit that it was their vicious and dangerous P R O M I S E program that helped them lie about school crimes to steal federal and state grant money. Their P R O M I S E gave free reign to a murderer they could easily have stopped and voters now know about this.

Time has made DC’s advice to Democrats not to be fearful of attacking the Second Amendment a dangerous position to take.

Another problem totally over looked by the Democracy Corps report is that The Crazy Democrats led by Comrade Bernie Sanders, are quickly pushing aside The Insane Democrats and taking control of their party. The Crazies will demand repeal of the Second Amendment and a pledge to get it done from the candidates they will vote for no matter what The Insanes want.

A recent Washington Post survey gleefully reported 20% of Americans want to repeal the Second Amendment. The Wapo doesn’t explain how a 4 to 1 ratio against repeal is helpful for Democrats; but the Crazies need their comfort food and the media is happy to give it to them.

The DC tells Democrats to try scaring people with talk of Social Security cuts and reduced benefits from Medicaid. While there are always people who will fall for campaigns playing on fears, the continuing upturn in our economy puts the Democrats in a position of betting on America’s failure. This is of course what their party is all about, but basing an entire campaign on fear is not a winning formula.

The most dangerous element in the rosy picture painted by the Democracy Corps is that it sees the Democrats’ road to victory being built on higher than normal turnout and support for Democrats from African Americans, unmarried women and Millennials, groups called the Rising American Electorate by foolish statisticians.

Keep in mind this survey was completed on April 12th.

The DC survey was wrapped up before Kanye West happened in the Black world.

Because West has sway in a world the DC staff has no way into, they had no idea what was happening. They believed the false exit poll report from CNN showing Trump did worse with Black voters than the ordinary Republican.

Democracy Corps assumed that the old Democrat playbook would work and they would get Blacks out to vote for them with anti-police talk and promises of slave reparations. But last week also brought a report that showed support for Trump among Black males doubled to 22% in the week after West started to speak out against Blacks voting in lock step for Democrats. Among Black female support for Trump moved up 3 points to 9%. This means the overall Black support level for Trump, and by extension Republicans, may be as high as 13% which is death for Democrats.

The news regarding the likely voter participation of these Rising American Electorate voters is very discouraging for Democrats.

According to a survey by, “In the 2016 election, unmarried women will make up the majority of vote-eligible women in the United States—but too many of them aren’t registered to vote. In the 2014 election, unmarried women were a slim minority of vote-eligible women—but only cast two-thirds as many votes as married women.” In other words, they don’t vote in big numbers.

The final group of these Rising American Electorate voters, the Democrats are being told to rely on by Democracy Corps, is the millennials According to a recent Reuters survey, they too are turning away from Democrats. Since 2016 Reuters says, support for Democrats among voters 18 to 34, a group that talks a good game about showing up to vote but can’t be relied on, has fallen 9 points.

The roses the Democracy Corps handed Democrats in the spring will stink of rot by the fall.

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