Saturday, May 26, 2018

MAINE: Gang of young Somali Muslim thugs are now attacking citizens in the streets of Lewiston

Ed.  Do American residents of Lewiston, Maine not own FIREARMS?  Do these people represent an amalgamation of the spineless? Are they unable or unwilling to defend the members of their family?

The solution isn’t easy, but it is pretty straightforward. As law enforcement is unwilling to take a hand, it’s up to armed citizens. Send half a dozen armed and able individuals thru the park area. Upon being assaulted, have them kill as many attackers as possible while an additional 30 or 40 armed residents fire with rifles. Kill 30 or 40 of these thugs and then inform local media that, from that day on, every Somali seen will be executed. “Recommend” that the Somali population leave Lewiston, for the killing will NOT stop.


The American residents may simply move elsewhere. Being a subject of the feminized, PC NorthEast, perhaps prior to his hasty exit, each adult “male” would like to donate his family home to a Somali welfare recipient while whining, “Please take my house, just don’t hurt me!”

The following article appeared in Bare Naked Islam on May 25th

By Bare Naked Islam-Staff

Somali Muslim thugs posing as refugees have turned liberal Lewiston into a virtual Mogadishu – ‘No Go Zone’ for non-Muslims – as two dozen Somali Muslim youth swarmed and attacked two local residents in Kennedy Park.

MaineFirstMedia  (h/t kafir) A local mother recorded as a mob of teens and children, boys and girls as young as nine years old, brandishing wooden bats and other objects, along with fists, feet and sheer numbers to attack the two non-Somali defenders. At one point you can even here one of the hoodlums repeatedly daring the woman to, “Stop me, bitch.”

Lewiston Mayor, Shane Bouchard says these types of incidents are common at Kennedy Park.  This is far from the first incident of Somalian attacks at Kennedy Park. Recently, a 10-year-old girl was jumped and beaten by a Somali girl at the park.

As such occurrences become more common in Lewiston, many lifelong non-Muslim residents are now afraid to bring their own children to play.
Video of Somali's attacking White residents HERE

Some residents say police officiers tell them the safest thing would be not to bring their kids to the park anymore. However, according to Lewiston Police Department Public Information Officer, Lieutenant David St. Pierre, that is not the department’s stance.

On any given day, dozens if not hundreds of Somali youth can be found occupying Kennedy Park and the violence is nothing new. Local residents bearing the brunt of these violent mobs are growing frustrated. Maine First Media was told it took police at least 7-8 minutes to arrive on the scene — despite the police station being right across the street from the park.

Furthering frustration, some Lewiston parents say they’ve been told that since many of the offenders are under 18 years of age, there is little officers can do. 

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