Tuesday, May 15, 2018


The following article appeared in Rick Wells on May 14th

By Rick Wells

The Internet rumor is that Iran threatened to expose those they paid bribes to if they followed President Trump and left the Obama-Kerry nuclear deal they forced us…

The old saying goes, “there is no honor among thieves,” and the participants in the Iran nuclear agreement crafting and force feeding to the world are proving the adage applies to scoundrels of every variety, including traitors, racketeers and extortionists. We would all love to see the despicable sellouts involved in shoving the Iran nuclear agreement revealed as the traitors we all believe them to be, but some of the details in this viral tweet that is being picked up by many independent news sources doesn’t seem to add up the way it’s being portrayed.
John Kerry and Mohamed Zarif

The cookie-cutter articles littering the internet with the same text time after time state an unsourced quotation from a supposed Iranian official, a tweet that references a senior adviser of “H. J. Ansari Zarif.”  Only one Zarif works in a prominent position in the Iranian Foreign Ministry, and that is Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, their equivalent of our Secretary of State.

There is a spokesman named Hossein Jaberi Ansari, but no such remarks can be found on his twitter account or in recent articles. Raman Ghavami, a reporter for the Jerusalem Post, appears to have attributed the statement to Ansari but failed to include a comma between the names of Ansari and Zarif, leading to the copied and pasted confusion.

The unsourced tweet stated, “H.J.Ansari Zarif’s senior advisor: ‘If Europeans stop trading with Iran and don’t put pressure on US then we will reveal which western politicians and how much money they had received during nuclear negotiations to make #IranDeal happen.’ That would be interesting.#JCPOA”

Zarif is currently engaged in a worldwide trip to salvage their status in the aftermath of President Trump withdrawing from the agreement and the imminent imposition of sanctions that had been lifted by the Obama-Kerry sellout of America and Christianity. He’s starting off with China, followed by Moscow and then the other three parties to the deal, Britain, Germany and France on Tuesday.

It’s possible but unlikely he would have someone playing the role of the bad cop threatening leaders who may have personally enriched themselves, as Iran would need those same leaders, particularly Putin and Xi, in the future and there is no evidence that any of them participated in any financial misconduct around the deal.

Macron was not in power when the deal was made so can’t be threatened. The negotiations were conducted by Obama, Kerry and their pet hippy mad scientist, Earnest Moniz. If there is corruption it’s centered around that group and they are no longer in power, at least not publicly, although John Kerry doesn’t seem to have realized that he’s no longer Secretary of State. We all knew Obama and Jarrett wouldn’t be going anywhere despite not holding the reins of elected government any longer.

We would love to see them all pay for their crimes against America and the civilized world in general, and given the reluctance on the part of AG Sessions to do his job and prosecute any of those he’s been positioned to protect, it’s understandable that this kind of report would be welcomed by the hopeful, moral people of the world.

Iran was desperate for cash at the time of the deal so they didn’t pay the crooks off directly. If it did happen it was likely through the pallets of cash and hundred and fifty or so billion dollars they received as proceeds. It would certainly have gone into untraceable bank accounts and again, those who would be investigating are quite likely compromised, a situation the perpetrators had eight years to create.

Unfortunately, unless President Trump replaces AG Sessions with a real law man, and cleans house in the DOJ, nothing will happen to these criminals. Iran can make all the claims they want – the prosecution and investigation would have to be ordered by Sessions with the cooperation of our own and allied clandestine services. That isn’t likely to happen.

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