Saturday, May 19, 2018

Democrat civil war update: Wasserman Schultz may have picked a side

by Kevin Collins

This is an update on the civil war between The Crazy Democrats and The Insane Democrats.

Until now we had seen primaries by Crazies rattle The Insanes but do little actual damage to Their imaginary Blue Wave. That changed on Tuesday. Nebraska Crazy Democrats nominated a Crazy and knocked out the DNC handpicked Insane candidate. While the Insane candidate is also an enemy of the NRA and Second Amendment; that’s not good enough for the Crazies. They want candidates who will stand up and scream their hatred for the NRA and their intention to repeal the Second Amendment. That race has slipped from “Toss up” to “leans Republican.”
Wasserman Schultz

As the primary season continues the strength of The Crazy Democrats is beginning to shine through. In Pennsylvania a Crazy won a Congressional primary and the damage continued at the state level where The Crazies are making themselves felt as well. In Tuesday’s Democrat primary for seats in Pennsylvania’s State legislature, four Crazies who are also supported by the Democrat Socialists of America, were winners. The Democratic Socialists of America are avowed enemies of capitalism.

What is worse for The Insane Democrats is that three of these elections have no Republican challenger and only one is facing a Republican incumbent so the Democrat minority is stuck with at least three new Crazies whose demands will make life difficult for The Insanes.

On the national front, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has called the NRA “Just shy of a Terrorist Organization.” This would ordinarily not mean much but Wasserman Schultz, holds a “can’t lose” seat and is a high profile Insane Democrat. What she says finds its way to the public arena.

That two more Insane Democrats who could flip to the Crazy camp, Alcee Hastings and Ted Deutch, referred to those who are not “afraid” of the NRA as “heroes,” is not helpful to The Insanes either.
Certified Democrat Crazies

Attacks on the NRA are easily portrayed as attacks on the Second Amendment and when spoken by a former head of the DNC it becomes easier to hang a “They want to repeal the Second Amendment” sign around The Insanes’ neck.

Impeaching President Trump is another sacramental element of The Crazies' platform and they will not let it go. Texas Democrat Al Green, whose Bill of Impeachment was supported by 66 Democrats in January, has lashed out at Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her efforts to downplay impeachment as an issue for Democrats to run on this cycle.

The highly delusional Green, a devoted Crazy, “criticized Pelosi, saying that reducing Trump to a jerk “trivializes the impact of his bigoted policies on Jews, Latinos, African-Americans, women and the LGBTQ community.” Only a card carrying Crazy could see attacks by Trump on these groups.

As an aside a just released survey by says Trump’s support among Black voters is at a very impressive 27%, with a healthy 43% of Hispanics backing him as well. That edge is sure to help Republican candidates in November.

Things are all good for the Crazies and for Republicans next November. Nevertheless, we can only wish the Republicans deserved victory but of course they do not.

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