Friday, April 13, 2018

The Democrat midterm strategy unfolding now

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on April 12th

They thought we weren’t paying attention. They thought we were either too dumb or too tired from our jobs to care. They saw the midterms coming and they thought they could run their narratives now and through the summer.

First, they used the media and the kids and ran anti-Second Amendment gun psyops for weeks, but it was all a buildup, layer upon layer, for the midterms. Everything the DNC-media complex does is for the next election cycle, period. Everything. Once you realize this, you understand how the flow of information works in our country, being whipped and rushed from one direction to another. Nancy Pelosi shrieking into a bullhorn like a conductor. Chuck Schumer with a chair and a whip in a circus ring. They have to control the summer. They know that controlling the summer narrative is the key to the midterms.
Follow US!

Then, after the children of the corn lost momentum, they pivoted on a dime and brought out the Cambridge Analytica script right on cue. After running straight at the Second Amendment for weeks and knowing that it is a dead horse at the polls, they pivoted to the First Amendment.

Keep in mind, this started weeks after Susan Rice was installed at Netflix just after Obama was given a serial propaganda piece there. Control the flow of information. Control the narrative. Control the outcome of elections.

And so they went after Facebook at the same time for an end run, using the Cambridge story as a means to an end. They paraded the Facebook manchild around in typical circuslike fashion using him as a pawn for their goal of ‘cleaning up social media’ prior to the midterms. Any help the Democrats can get either through agitprop or censorship, they will use. If it means invented legislation, they will invent it. If it means inventing nonexistent crimes and special prosecutors to create them, they will invent those narratives also.

Whether it’s Mueller or children, they will use anything they can get their hands on to uninstall a democratically elected Trump. Keep that in mind -- the franchise itself, your vote, is not worth a damn thing. Democrat power, encroaching statism, controlling the media, and then controlling the narrative is all that matters. So get used to it. It’s going to be a long summer. Silencing you is now going to be the entire summer strategy, literally removing your conservative larynx from your throat, all phonation gone. Conservatism must be filtered, appropriately, of course. Just after your guns are removed. Or before. They don’t care. They will get to that in time also, one way or another.
And they will lead the way!

Both your speech and your right to personal liberty, gone. Obama will have his show. Susan Rice will now be a Netflix filter. Zuckerberg will now be bureaucratically minded. Google was already on board. It was just that the kid that needed to be brought into the fold. And so they are tightening their grip. Just as Obama tried using the IRS, now they will use social media; the last thing they couldn’t control in the previous election.

And they are coming. This is the hot summer they were waiting for to slam the final nail into your coffin, your voice, your dignity, your liberty, your rights. The Democrats do not stop. Their media does not stop. All words must be filtered now using a new media narrative to make you feel that it should be normalized, regulated, and censored. For your own protection, like guns. Protection from Trump, or future Trumps, or from Russia. The American people are just too stupid, too lazy, and tired to care.

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