Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Democrats are caught between lying to the left and lying to the right and the right won’t buy it

by Kevin Collins

There is no doubt that Democrats are out of ideas and now they seem to be out of their minds. They really aren’t even trying to make believe they have anything new to offer voters.

They are down to appealing to their craziest of crazies in a desperate effort to keep from being totally destroyed in November. The surest sign of this desperation is the DNC’s lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Russia and Wikileaks. A sane person knows this is suicide and they will be ripped to pieces during discovery; but the Democrats can't think of anything else to do. This lawsuit will be talked about for decades as the worst move a major party ever made.

Listening to the babbling from a lot of people (admittedly fewer these days) one could be tempted to think Democrats will easily stroll through the mid-term elections picking up seats to make Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House again. Some even insist they will grab some long held Republican seats in all sections of the country and retake control of the Senate.

This is wishful thinking not supported by reality.

Make no mistake the Republicans richly deserve a good old fashioned butt kicking in November. They have betrayed us; lied to us and broke promise after promise.

We cannot and will not allow this. Republicans are the only alternative to a Democrat Party that has been taken over by California style autocratic monsters. We the people of America are smart enough to understand that the delight of sticking our finger in the eyes of the Republicans on Election Night will come at an extremely high price. We love our freedom more than he hate what the Republicans have done to us.

It is indeed sad that, based largely on the unspoken campaign slogan that, “We’re not them,” the Republicans will get another two years to abuse our trust; but they will.
The Republicans will win because the Democrats are basically corrupt and unacquainted with honest concern for those they are supposed to serve. Moreover at this point Democrats don’t even understand how to fake concern for the White majority that makes up at least 67% of the population.

The Democrats have a seething hatred for White Christians so they don’t care about us and have given up even pretending they do. Their contempt for us is palpable and spills over to hatred for anyone those with Christian values as well.

Blind with hatred for us they are once again fooling themselves into believing they can win without the White middle class making the same mistake they made in 2016.

Instead they will try to increase their insane hate filled lunatic base turnout. They think they can keep these people agitated and filled with hate for us all the way to November which they can’t.

Democrats have grown so desperate they don’t even consider the obvious trade off this involves. They seem oblivious to the trap they are walking they are walking into. In order to keep their crazies crazy they must say and do things that the crazies want to hear and see. The clearly inescapable problem here is that we will hear and see these things as well.

Oh they might stir the crazies up for a while and even give Democrats a false boost in push polls designed to show how fired up their side is; but in the end it will merely energize us to swamp the crazies at the polls in November.

To appeal to their craziest crazies the Democrats will be trying to sell five ideas that Americans will not buy.

They will spend considerable time and energy to try convince us that they really don’t want to do any of these things but their own words and actions will prove they are lying.

The more they say they don’t want to do any of the things,the more trouble they will get into with their crazies.

The crazies want to hear Democrats say out loud they will repeal the Second Amendment, repeal the Trump tax cuts, and impeach Donald Trump regardless of whether there are any legal grounds or not. They demand that Democrats support illegal aliens over American citizens and they want Democrats to have the power to pry reparations from White Americans to buy Black votes and punish the White Christians they hate.

The crazies won’t be driven to the polls to protect and preserve Social Security or Medicaid because even they know Republicans pose no threat to either program.

By November Democrat attacks on the Trump tax cuts will ring as true and a wooden bell, but the crazies won’t care. The crazies want Donald Trump’s blood running down the steps of the White House and they want us punished for electing him. The sure sign of their insanity is that they actually think we will vote to help them punish us.

That won’t happen.

The Democrats will be forced to try to convince us they don’t want to do what the crazies demand they do. They will be stuck in a web of lies telling us they “Only want to help the middle class,” while winking at their crazies and telling them “Don’t worry we’ll get him."

Their fund raiser letters will pledge to repeal the Second Amendment, repeal Trump's tax cuts protect sanctuary cities and force reparation payments to make "smug" White people pay Blacks to vote Democrat. If they don't read these things the crazies won't send in money will stay home and the Democrats know it.

Anyone who thinks the Democrats will succeed is not watching the news as it unfolds each day.

Of course it’s a bitter pill to be forced to keep the feckless worm Republicans in power rather than kick them in the butt and throw them out; but voting for vicious lunatics to start destroying our lives is out of the question.

Sadly, this election will be like so many others where we have been forced to vote against what we don’t want rather than for what we really do want.

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