Sunday, April 1, 2018

Danny Glover: Hollywood’s Biggest Useful Idiot

The following article appeared in Frontpage Magazine on March 31st

Leftist actor visits Caracas to praise socialist regime starving its people.

Socialist Venezuela has become a workers' hell – not the paradise Hugo Chávez promised. The poor literally pick through garbage to find food. Yet left-wing Hollywood actor and director Danny Glover was oblivious to this misery during his most recent good-will visit to Caracas, the capital, where he hobnobbed with President Nicolás Maduro and praised the socialist regime. The 71-year-old Glover, however, said nothing about Venezuela's dire shortages of food, medicines and even toilet paper – calamities that have made President Maduro widely despised by the poor majority in oil-rich yet impoverished Venezuela. 

Shocking news reports emerge daily from Venezuela about its collapsing economy. Has Glover not been paying attention? Poor Venezuelans not only eat from garbage piles but are fleeing abroad, having given up on what the late President Hugo Chávez called “Twenty-First-Century Socialism.” They are joining unending columns of refugees trekking under a blazing into neighboring Colombia. Human rights groups and regional leaders call it a “humanitarian crisis.” Yet when speaking at the presidential palace on Saturday, March 24, Glover nevertheless rattled off a list of Venezuela-style socialism's supposed accomplishments – comments dutifully reported by local media outlets.

“It is a privilege to be here,” beamed Glover, explaining that Venezuela's revolution was about “uplifting human beings” and creating a “collective humanity.” It was a let-them-eat cake moment – or perhaps that should be “let them eat garbage.” And it was interesting to see who failed to show up: none of Glover's left-wing Hollywood buddies were on hand. They once made a beeline to Caracas to hobnob with Hugo Chávez and praise his socialist revolution, with the two most famous being Oliver Stone, the director and filmmaker; and actor and filmmaker Sean Penn. Both have kept a low-profile regarding Venezuela since Hugo Chávez's socialist revolution turned into a nightmare.

Perhaps Stone and Penn still have not gotten the tear gas out of their eyes from their visit to Caracas in March, 2014, when they joined a rogues' gallery of Latin leftists, including Cuban President Raúl Castro, to honor Hugo Chávez on the first anniversary of his death from cancer. They enjoyed a military parade and civic events – all while massive and bloody anti-government protests raged in the streets. The protests were provoked by an out-of-control murder rate, food shortages and myriad instances of inept governance.

Did Stone and Penn finally realize they were honoring a thug state? Well, maybe. Yet Glover has no such qualms. He remains a true believer.

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