Saturday, April 7, 2018

AG Jeff Sessions Returns Deportation Orders to Pre-Obama Levels

The following article appeared in Breitbart on April 6th

By Neil Munro

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ immigration courts have returned deportation orders back up to the rate that existed before former President Barack Obama’s pro-migration policies.
Democrat Party hardest hit

But the backlogs created by Obama’s pro-migrant policies are still keeping hundreds of thousands of Central Americans in U.S. jobs, and are still inviting many additional poor Central American migrants to ask for asylum at border posts in Texas and California.

The number of illegals beating deportation orders has fallen by half since Obama departed, according to data provided by Syracuse University. In numbers, only 75,556 migrants were ordered home in fiscal 2016, but the departure number under AG Sessions is on track to reach 120,000 in 2018, says the university’s newest data at the Transactional Record Access Clearinghouse.

In fiscal 2016, 56 percent of immigrants defeated deportation cases in the immigration-court system run by Obama’s Attorney Generals. But that percentage has quickly dropped to 29 percent in 2018 under Sessions’ oversight, which is slightly above the pre-Obama level which existed before 2009.

TRAC’s chart, “Outcomes of Deportation Proceedings in Immigration Court,” shows:

In numbers, 97,491 migrants won their deportation cases in 2009, while only 50,000 are likely to win their cases in 2018, according to TRAC. The data is arranged by 12-month fiscal years, so each year starts on the prior October 1, for example, fiscal 2016 begins October 2015.

Under Obama, the deportation percentage fell from 76 percent of cases in fiscal 2008 down to 43.7 percent in fiscal 2016, which started in October 2015.

Under Trump, that deportation percentage has moved back up to nearly pre-Obama levels — roughly 70 percent.

Only 75,556 illegals were ordered home in fiscal 2016, but the number is on track to reach 120,000 in 2018.

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