Sunday, March 18, 2018

Student With Anti-NRA Sign Goes Viral — Because of Painfully Ironic Message on Her Sweatshirt

The following article appeared in Independent Journal Review on March 15th

A photo of a student supposedly protesting the NRA during Wednesday’s so-called “National Walkout” was going viral — but only because of the almost unbelievable irony on display.

The unidentified student is seen holding a sign that reads, “NRA there is blood on your hands.” However, if you look closer, you will see the student is also wearing a sweatshirt that directly contradicts the anti-gun message she is pushing.

The sweatshirt has the word “Spartans,” the date 480 B.C., and “Molon labe,” a Greek phrase regularly used by pro-gun advocates that literally means “come and take them.”

A Facebook user shared the photo and explained in detail why the photo is so ironic:

In 480 BC, the Persian king Xerxes demanded that the Spartans give up their weapons. King Leonidas responded with the phrase ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (molon labe) which meant “Come and take them.” This led to the Battle of Thermopylae, in which a small group of Greek warriors held off a far superior group of Persians for three days.

Similarly, in 1831, the Mexican army gave a small piece of field artillery to settlers in Gonzales, Texas, to help them fend off Indian attacks. At the onset of the Texas Revolution, the Mexican army asked for the cannon back. In response, the settlers raised a homemade flag with an image of the weapon and the words “Come and Take It” emblazoned across it.
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The twin phrases “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ/molon labe” and “Come and Take It” have become synonymous with the promotion of the Second Amendment and other fundamental liberties. They are antithetical to the idea of unilateral disarmament.

Today, snowflakes across the country walked out of class to protest “gun violence” and demand new confiscatory gun laws. The poorly informed young woman in the photo was part of today's Tide Pod Walkout. Note the slogan (and date) on her shirt, and the protest sign in her hands.

Seriously—this is the most ironic photo I've seen in a long time.

Ed.  Leftist groups are leading teenage geniuses (like the girl above) by the NOSE, all across the nation.  15-20 years from now, the majority of these Can-I-Really-Get-On-The-News zombies will OWN firearms, just as many of their parents do. God willing their intellect will develop in pace with their years.

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