Friday, March 9, 2018

POPULAR DEMOCRAT Smokes Pot in Campaign Ad, Lied About Being Iraq War Vet, Lied About Being in FBI, Beat Girlfriend… Perfect!

The following article appeared in the Gateway Pundit on March 8th

by Jim Hoft

Benjamin Thomas Wolf is running for Congress in Illinois.
Benjamin Wolf

Benjamin smoked pot in an ad, faked being an Iraq War veteran, lied about being in the FBI, and was accused of beating and doxxing a former girlfriend.

Benjamin sounds like future of the Democrat Party.

What’s not to love?

FOX News reported:

Democrat seeking a U.S. House seat in Illinois – who attracted attention for a campaign ad showing him smoking pot – now faces accusations that he has abused women and misleadingly described himself as an “Iraq veteran” and “former FBI agent.”

Benjamin Thomas Wolf, who is running in the Democratic primary against incumbent U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley, came under fire after an ex-girlfriend alleged he acted abusively and intentionally revealed her name and home address on social media, a practice called “doxing.”

“He actually hit me, threw me to the ground, put his foot on my chest. He was really angry. He grabbed my face,” Katarina Coates, who interned for Wolf’s campaign, told Politico.

Ed. Yep. This guy is truly representative of today's Democrat Party. 

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