Thursday, March 22, 2018

Minneapolis: Muslim cop who shot unarmed woman charged with murder, turns himself in

The following article appeared in Jihad Watch on March 20th

Islamophobia kills. We saw this again in Minneapolis, when a 40-year-old Australian woman, Justine Ruszczyk Damond, was killed by a rogue cop, Mohamed Noor.
Justine Damond

It is a cherished fiction on the Left that there exists an “Islamophobia Industry,” a well-funded group of propagandists who spread hatred of Muslims solely to line their pockets. This is as ridiculous as it is libelous, but there really is an Islamophobia Industry, and it is a group of well-funded propagandists. In reality, however, it is not in the business of spreading “anti-Muslim bigotry.” Instead, it propagates the idea that Muslims in the U.S. are the recipients of widespread discrimination and harassment, and so must be accorded special accommodation and consideration. That idea has just taken the life of Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

Damond called 911 in Minneapolis to report what she thought might be a rape. When police arrived, she approached the police car, and a Minneapolis police officer, Mohamed Noor, shot her dead.

Mohamed Noor is a Somali Muslim. When he joined the force, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges expressed her excitement:

I want to take a moment to recognize Officer Mohamed Noor, the newest Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department. Officer Noor has been assigned to the 5th Precinct, where his arrival has been highly celebrated, particularly by the Somali community in and around Karmel Mall.

Hodges was excited about Noor because he represented a religious and ethnic group that she was anxious to court. Mohamed Noor was a symbol of everything that Minneapolis officials valued most. They could point to him and say: See? We are not “Islamophobic.” We celebrate diversity. We love our Somali Muslim community, and when they see how they are loved, they will end all jihad activity, because violent jihad is just a reaction to injustices that Infidels perpetrate.

And so it was very important to the Minneapolis Police Department, and to city officials, that Mohamed Noor succeed. He graduated from a fast-track program to get onto the force in the first place. They had to have him.
But his competence as a police officer was always secondary to his ethnicity and religion. And even if he didn’t graduate, nothing would be done. To have removed him would have been “Islamophobic.”

Noor proved to be an incompetent police officer. There were three complaints against him in two years. A neighbor reported:

He is extremely nervous … he is a little jumpy … he doesn’t really respect women, the least thing you say to him can set him off.

When the neighbor heard that Noor was the cop who had shot an unarmed woman, he wasn’t surprised:

When they say a policeman shot an Australian lady I thought uh oh, but then when they said who it was, I was like, “OK.”

None of this mattered. Noor could have marched into Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges’ office and announced that she would henceforth be his infidel sex slave, and he would have remained on the force.

Justine Damond suffered the consequences of this identity-based policing. If the Minneapolis Police Department hired and fired police officers based solely on their fitness for the job, and not on their usefulness as symbols of Minneapolis’ commitment to diversity and resolve to fight “Islamophobia,” Justine Damond would be alive today.

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Ed.  As author Spencer relates:
 "...[Noor's] competence as a police officer was always secondary to his ethnicity and religion. And even if he didn’t graduate [from the police academy] nothing would be done. To have removed him would have been 'Islamophobic.'"

This is just one example of the left's dangerous agenda of "preference."  It is only highly publicized because it involved a murder. How many other Muslims, Blacks, etc have received some sort of preference simply due to their religion, race or particular sexual perversion? 

The fact that these people can't be fired--or even exposed--lends itself to a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling doesn't it! When will one of these "special assets" show up at your home to review your property taxes, investigate a crime or hang out with your daughter?

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