Saturday, March 10, 2018

I’ll take the ‘incompetent’ Trump over the supposedly brilliant Obama or the corrupt Hillary every day of the week

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on March 8th

We are getting a large number of opinion pieces throughout the media saying Trump is incompetent and doesn't have what it takes to be president.

Yesterday we get a piece from Michael Gerson, who the Washington Post pretends is conservative, titled "Fortunately, Trump doesn't have what it takes to be a dictator."

Gerson takes anonymous sources and prints this drivel:

But for all this, Trump seems utterly incapable of ruling even the 18-acre kingdom of the White House.  Recent reports describe "chaos," "tumult," "disarray" and "pure madness."  With the policy process completely broken, staffers seem to occupy their time with blood feuds, leaking and legal consultations. Trump himself – "brooding," "isolated and angry," "mad as hell" – takes it out on Jeff Sessions and Alec Baldwin[.]

The problem is this: Though weakness and incompetence are preferable to authoritarianism, they are unequal to the real challenges of the nation.

Trump is so incompetent and lacking of skills that:
  • He has given us much stronger economic growth that Obama ever did.
  • He gave a tax cut to almost 100% of the people and has made businesses much more competitive than at any time in decades. 
  • He is taking out ISIS.
  • He has talked NATO countries into paying more toward their defense.
  • He is making progress toward securing our borders.  It is good to have a president who wants to enforce laws Congress passed. 
  • He has helped move the U.S. toward energy independence.
  • He has opened pipelines.
  • He is bringing back manufacturing jobs and businesses.
  • His economic policies are helping to lower Hispanic and black unemployment.  Women's employment and median income are also going up. 
  • He is giving the people back freedom of choice for health care.
  • His policies have lifted consumer confidence, home-builder confidence, and business confidence to higher levels than any time during Obama's eight years. 
  • It appears that North Korea may be blinking on nuclear weapons.
  • He is helping Ukraine defend itself instead of caving to the Russians.
  • He has kept the promise of the last few presidents (that they reneged on) to move our embassy to Jerusalem.
  • He has reduced a lot of expensive regulations. 
  • He is moving the power and purse back to the people as fast as he can, where it belongs. 
And this is only in his first 14 months.  If this is incompetence, I will gladly take it.  There is absolutely nothing he is doing that shows authoritarian tendencies.

In contrast, most of the journalists who trash Trump every day loved and adored Obama, who did act like a dictator and in eight years:

  • Gave us Obamacare, which took away freedom of choice (in contrast to what was promised) and raised premiums and out-of-pocket expenses (in contrast to what was promised) and destroyed competition (in contrast to what was promised). 
  • Said the Constitution did not allow him to go around Congress and yet did it anyway.  That is a president with an eye to being a dictator. 
  • Pulled out of Iraq, which gave rise to ISIS.  His policies also led to the refugee crisis from Syria and elsewhere.
  • Refused to help Ukraine defend itself in contradiction to our obligations. 
  • Continually lied to get the deal done with Iran, which is the biggest sponsor of terrorism and which pledges death to America and death to Israel. 
  • Spent taxpayer money to influence the election in Israel and refused to move the embassy as he promised. 
  • Enacted policies of big government, massive regulations, high taxes, and almost zero interest rates that gave us the slowest economic recovery in seventy years. 
I would ask Michael Gerson which of the policies of the dictator Obama in eight years  helped lift the private sector up, helped minorities and the young enjoy economic opportunities, made cities and schools safer, and made the world safer and the U.S stronger. 

I personally can't think of any policies that helped the economy as a whole.  Gerson and others call Obama and other Democrats progressives, but there is absolutely nothing progressive about a party that essentially wants to make the government stronger and make more people dependent on government. 

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