Thursday, March 1, 2018

Does anybody even know someone who joined NRA for the discounts?

by Kevin Collins

The American left has many distorted views of the world. Their panting, salivating joy over the now seemingly endless list of companies that have withdrawn discounts from NRA members is just the latest example of its social maladjustment.

The left’s everyday lives serve as a reminder that merely living in America and even being born in America doesn’t make one truly an American. They might live in America, but they are not Americans.

They don’t understand the laws and customs we Americans follow nor do they want to; ignorance of and separation from American culture has become point of pride to these people. They see themselves as citizens of the “world” as some have actually said.

This is what makes these corporate discount withdrawals so foolish. Abandoning the NRA has no up-side for the companies but plenty of down side. So why do they do these things?

Why would they follow an 18 year old who is the media anointed leader of the Democrats, a party which is largely out of step with America already?

Let that sink in: The Democrat party is now being led by an 18 year old child who is so drunk with power he has threatened The NRA, FEDEX and UPS. He has called for a boycott of Florida by Spring breakers and actually said “I will not allow Governor Scott to remove Sheriff Israel.”

This brings us back to the discount discontinuations.

Does anybody even know someone who joined the NRA for the discounts? Of course not. I’ve been a life member for at least ten years and never once thought about accessing a discount from any of the cowardly companies that have joined the attacks on the NRA.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this position. That the left sees the NRA as a shopping club while we know it is a civil rights organization is a clear example of the difference between us and them.

The left doesn’t live in the world we NRA members and supporters live in. Liberals have no idea how we live. They have never traveled through rural America or spoken to the people who elected Donald Trump.

They and the cowardly companies that have fallen in line behind a child don’t realize that we will merely stay elsewhere, fly with different carriers, be insured by others and live our lives as we always have.

The corporate cowards are the ones who will lose customers who won’t come back. They should ask the NFL about that. They will be left to offer discounts to the liberals who don’t live the lives that caused these companies to offer discounts in the first place!

When they come to their senses they will be left with a mess – after all, children don’t clean up after themselves; and we will still be supporting the NRA. We will be stronger and so will the NRA.

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