Thursday, March 15, 2018

California’s Suicide Attempt, Part 5: Gov. Girly-Man Goes Flabby

The following article appeared in Powerline on March 14th

By Steven Hayward

In today’s installment of California Crazy, former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (better known as “Governor Girly-Man“) has announced that he, too, intends to sue major major oil companies for “knowingly killing people all over the world.”

Let’s see: this would be the same Schwarzenegger who agitated to have a mass-market consumer version of the Humvee after Gulf War 1?  The same Schwarzenegger who used to fly back and forth from his LA home to the state capitol on his private jet every day??
Arnold, then and now

Yup, same guy. Actually, Schwarzenegger is a fitting metaphor of the decline and fall of California:


Roughly 9,000 California companies moved their headquarters or diverted projects to out-of-state locations in the last seven years, and Dallas-Fort Worth has been a prime beneficiary of the Golden State’s “hostile” business environment.

That’s the conclusion of study by Joseph Vranich, a site selection consultant and president of Irvine, California-based Spectrum Location Solutions.

Of the 9,000 businesses that he estimates disinvested in California, some relocated completely while others kept their headquarters in California but targeted out-of-state locations for expansions, Vranich found.

Ed. Let's face it...Arnold was not much of a conservative voice when he was governor. And things haven't changed much over the years.  

As for the pictures, I've looked pretty much like the guy on the right since I was 40! Needless to say, no one EVER would have confused me for the young Arnold! So how critical can I be!

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