Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bye bye Blue Wave; It’s not happening this cycle

by Kevin Collins

Even if the Democrats find a way to steal the Special Election in Pennsylvania 18 CD, where the Republican holds a small lead, there will be no “Blue Wave” this cycle. A Republican loss will be a bad thing for sure, but it will not change the outcome of November’s election. There will be no “Blue Wave.”

Democrats will lose seats in both the House and the Senate. This talk about a Blue Wave borders on silly. The same Democrat controlled media that lied to Democrats about Hillary Clinton “cruising toward certain victory” is churning out this talk to make what is not true appear to be a cinch to happen.

American elections can sometimes turn on mere personality at the presidential level; but save for a few rare excepts that doesn’t happen at the House and Senate. This November will be no exception.

To the contrary, this election cycle will revert to the way elections are normally won and lost and that means issues will be the determining factors in winning and losing. What issues do the Democrats have to run on? This is March and they have no coherent message. This leaves it to us to attribute a platform to them based on their statements and actions over recent years. Not all of these issues will hurt Democrats in every district; but many of them will cause damage to Democrat candidates almost everywhere.


Democrats want tax payers to fund abortions at every stage of pregnancy; taxpayers don’t. This will be a problem for many “Fly over Country” Democrats. Worse still is the fact that Democrats have just moved this issue up to critical mass by destroying the candidacy of incumbent Dan Lipinski of Illinois who is, but will not be for long, the last remaining pro-life Democrat in the House. Now all Democrats are fair game for attacks on abortion as a party.

DACA/Illegal Aliens

President Trump has successfully Rope-A-Doped the Democrats and backed them into an inescapable corner on the DACA issue. Now the DACA people are angry at Democrats and their leaders at groups like LULAC don’t know what to do or say. They first endorsed Trump’s plan than the Congressional Hispanic Caucus forced LULAC to retract the endorsement. Mixed signals do damage. Moreover, the history of the Democrats’ knee jerk favoritism of illegal aliens over Americans will hurt them more and more as November comes closer.

Sanctuary Cities/ Build that wall

The Democrats have set up sanctuary cities all over the country so any well-crafted attack on them over sanctuary cities will be a valuable tool for Republicans to use against them.

The damage illegal alien sanctuary city criminals do every day will be an issue this cycle. Moreover, since Trump has tied it to the construction of a wall on the Mexico border this is a huge problem for Democrats. The heart-breaking faces of parents whose daughters and sons have been killed by criminals protected by Democrats in sanctuary cities will be staples of Republican ads in many districts across the nation. They will be very effective.

School Security

Democrats have staked out a position dictated by their ultra- far left wing that rejects even talking about armed guards in schools let alone arming teachers. They are firmly on the wrong side.

Either the Democrats will have to collapse on this issue or be dragged through the political mud. Damned if they do; damned if they don’t. Either way this is not good for campaigning. Republicans who call for armed guards in schools will have a large edge over Democrats who do not.

Destroying the Second Amendment and making threats against the NRA

“Democrats want to Destroy the Second Amendment” might seem like an over simplification but in politics effective campaigns are run on what fits on bumper stickers. Complicated doesn’t work. When you are explaining yourself, you are losing ground. It will be very easy to frame anything the Democrats say or do as an attack on the Second Amendment. They won’t be able to escape the down side of gun control and they know it. This is why they have largely abandoned the issue over recent years even after some horrific shooting sprees by vicious killers.

Democrats can’t and won’t slip out of the gun control trap this time because CNN and other media have anointed an 18-year-old who is drunk with power as their leader on gun control. In lots of districts this is bad news for Democrats. Imagine having to answer for and explain the ridiculous statements of a child made a thousand miles away while you are trying to convince voters the child doesn’t speak for you.

The issue of gun control has had a huge effect on the voting population, but not the effect the left hoped for. The NRA has experienced a huge surge of new members and all of them will be voting in November. None of this is good for Democrats’ dreams of empire building.

Attacks on conservatives in general and Christians in particular

In 2008 when we saw Democrats boo God at their national convention we were shocked. Nevertheless, in the ensuing years Democrats’ insults to Christians and even to God have become so common place that they seemingly don’t cause a ripple, except among us.

We recognize that part of our victory in 2016 was due to blow back over Democrat attacks on religious people.They hate us and we will no longer take their insults. We proved that in 2016 and we will prove it again. This will be a major factor in Democrat defeats in many districts.

Tax Cuts as “Crumbs”

The Democrats made a huge tactical mistake by sitting out the Tax Cut bill. It has been growing increasingly more popular since it was unveiled. Insulting and idiotic statements from Nancy Pelosi, who is characterizing the pay check increases voters are seeing as “crumbs”, will serve to put Democrat candidates on the defensive.

Today in sheer desperate FEAR they have reverted to form and now are calling for repeal of the tax cuts, so THEY can tell us how to spend our money. They will be constantly asked about this breathtaking arrogance. Being on defense in a campaign means you are losing ground.

FISA Problems and the collapse of the Mueller investigation – defending Clintons

While it is handy to say, “Oh you watch, Mueller will find a way to indict Trump,” it is basically vapid and meaningless. Even on the off chance that this fraudulent “investigation” produces something to attack Trump with, by now it is abundantly clear that “evidence” against Trump would be bogus and not effective in swaying Trump supporters away from him.

There will be a FISA Court fraud investigation and it will hurt the entire Democrat party.

The Democrats have already signaled that Bill Clinton is radioactive and not welcome on the campaign trail. This is huge not so much for the effect it will directly have on the Clintons; but for the psychological damage to Democrats who will finally have to admit to their younger voters that their hero Bill Clinton is a sexual predator and always has been. This will be very damaging.

Hatred of Trump/ hatred of White people

It is well known and understood by more people than the Democrats ever thought would “get it” that they made a calculated choice to turn their back on White Americans in 2016.

They hate White people. They foolishly thought they could give up on 65% of White people and win with a coalition of minorities and illegal aliens. That failed; and now that strategy will be back to haunt them again.

Snubbing 70% of the legal voters in America, the Whites who are the main beneficiaries of the tax cuts, will be a big millstone for Democrats to swim with in November.

Chuck Schumer’s unguarded admission that he would not vote for a federal court judge because the man is White might be underplayed in the media, but it was heard where it needed to be heard. It will damage Democrats and put them on the defensive.

With Trump hitting 50% (which will be reduced through fake polls), pushing the idea that America should elect Democrats to impeach Trump is going to be a major problem for Democrat candidates in many districts. Pay checks will speak louder than Democrats. Democrats will be on the defensive on the impeachment issue as well.

Black voters

Immediately after each general election CNN posts the results of exit polls they conduct across the nation. These results include a detailed report on how various groups voted as a whole and how they voted in each state. Anyone – which includes the frauds in the media who are “predicting” a “Blue Wave” - knows CNN faked their “results” regarding how Blacks voted.

Consider this: Just before the election two polls of African Americans in Pennsylvania showed Trump getting 16 and 20% respectively.Since Trump won Pennsylvania by a small margin one would expect a healthy (for a Republican) percentage of Blacks voted for him. Nevertheless, CNN reported the same 6% Black support for Trump in Pennsylvania (as per its exit polls) that Trump received nationally.

This obvious discrepancy begged the question of how well Trump did with Blacks in other states. Keep in mind that as late as August 2016, Trump got 34% of Black support in North Carolina so certainly he must have received more in the Tar Heel State than the 6% national level CNN reported – right? Well No; he got “6%” in North Carolina as well.

Getting 6% nationally and a “coincidental” “6%” in North Carolina and Pennsylvania – which erroneously implies that “Blacks are Blacks” regardless of where they live raised suspicions. A review of the results in every other state showed a miraculous consistency. Every state’s Blacks voted exactly the same way because CNN lied and said so. The truth about how Blacks voted in 2016 is the stuff of nightmares for Democrats so they would just rather not talk about it. They don’t want to face the fact that Trump had made strong (for a Republican) gains into the Black vote. In Michigan it is undeniable that Trump won because approximately 50,000 people in Detroit – a city almost entirely Black- stayed home.

Not surprisingly, CNN took down its state by state exit poll data and thinks no one noticed.

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