Wednesday, February 21, 2018

There Is Only One Sure Way to Stop School Shootings

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on February 20th

Not only is it hard to imagine the anger and grief the families of those killed by Nikolas Cruz are in at their Florida high school; it is impossible.  We can sympathize and empathize, ache for their loss and be grateful that our own children were not there, and then feel guilty for being relieved that our children are safe.

An event like this one focuses all parents and grandparents like laser beams on their own young people.  That such a thing has happened yet again in our country is unacceptable, and yet it happened...again.  Despite years of flashing neon lights that this boy was not only mentally ill, but potentially dangerous, he apparently had no formal record of mental illness.  Even though he had been told he could not enter his school with a backpack and was later expelled, even though the police had visited his home thirty-nine times between 2011 and 2018, he was able to buy that AR-15 at age 18!  Even though we have laws meant to prevent persons who are mentally ill from acquiring guns, this kid passed a background check!  This is yet another catastrophic failure of a whole panoply of law enforcement agencies, social services, and school authorities. 
Adding insult to injury, the FBI barely bothered to check out the YouTuber who reported Cruz's comment about becoming a "professional school shooter," and the bureau completely ignored a second, specific warning in January about his intentions to kill people.  Both tips to the FBI included his full name.  As Jeanine Pirro reported on her program, Judge Jeanine, there are only thirteen Nikolas Cruzes in the U.S.!  The FBI did not even bother to do a database search, and now seventeen people are dead.

Given the bare facts above, it is hardly surprising that the American people want to blame someone for the colossal failure of law enforcement.  Mistakes were made, to put it mildly.  But now many of the young survivors, their parents, and the usual suspects on the left are blaming Trump.  Why?  Because he supports the NRA?  Because he did not immediately speak out about gun control?

The young, traumatized survivors of the massacre, some of them, are already speaking out blaming Trump, as if he has been president for as long as they've been alive.  "How dare you?" said one of them on Meet the Press because Trump truthfully tweeted that the Democrats had not passed any gun control measures when they had the majority in both houses of Congress.  Trump also alluded to the FBI's failure to act on the tips they had received but ignored.  How dare he tell the truth?

These grieving young people are being manipulated by the adults in their lives to use the tragic deaths of their classmates for political purposes.  Just as the school shootings in Columbine and Newtown became political footballs during which the victims were all but forgotten, we are reliving the same application of politics over common sense once again.  And again, kids are the pawns in what the left sees as a game.  It is no game.

Israel learned the hard way.  A terrorist school shooting forty years ago took the lives of over a hundred elementary school children.  Since then, any school in Israel with a hundred students or more has armed guards and staff with concealed weapons.  Why do we in America value our air travelers, our congresspeople, celebrities, the employees and contents of all public buildings, museums, etc. more than we treasure our schoolchildren?  Given the world we now inhabit, it seems that our schools would and should have the best security available today.  Those of us with little Ring doorbell cameras on our front porches have more security than most of our schools. 

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Ed.  It's past time we admit the truth, at least to ourselves; and that is that the left does not WANT to prevent these tragedies. The murder of children is simply worth TOO MUCH as a political fund raiser! These killings provide too much valuable face time on national TV to want them thwarted by armed teachers or security guards. 

Leftists don't want to stop the killings, they want to take ADVANTAGE of them!

So the more corpses, the merrier!

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