Friday, February 9, 2018

Maryland School District Dedicates This Week To ‘Black Lives Matter’ Lessons…

The following article appeared in Weasel Zippers on February 8th

Students in Prince George’s County, Maryland are participating in a “Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools,” which features lessons centered on the “13 guiding principles” of the divisive Black Lives Matter movement.

Members of the Prince George’s County School Board voted unanimously to dedicate a week to Black Lives Matter at a meeting last week, becoming one of the first districts to sign up with a national movement to infuse Black Lives Matter’s perspective in schools.
A celebration of criminals
“I don’t believe it’s political,” student board member Amanya Paige told Fox 5. “I believe it is a movement to encourage minorities and African American students to be proud of who they are and to embrace who they are because we live it every day. I think that it is important to understand our culture and understand where we are coming from in order to be productive citizens.”

Board member Raaheela Ahmed believes Black Lives Matter belongs in the district’s schools because it’s “something that our students and our families see every day, especially being a largely minority population.”

“We have 60 percent of our students that are African American, 30 percent that (are) Latino, and this is something that they see and hear every day – on the news and day-to-day lives. It’s something that we felt was really needed and necessary at this time.”

The Black Lives Matter week comes as the district grapples with widespread grade tampering and changes to student absences that likely helped more than 1,000 students graduate who didn’t deserve to, WTOP reports. Emails obtained by Fox 5 allegedly show the district’s central office pressured schools to graduate students who didn’t meet requirements.

Currently about 28 percent of the district’s third-graders meet or exceed expectations in reading, and about 27 percent for math, according to WTOP.

(Entire article on American Mirror HERE)

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