Sunday, March 11, 2018

Help Rick Saccone keep Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District Republican

By Kevin Collins
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A recent Politico story about how Democrats see their chances of winning back the House contained this telling paragraph: “Now many Democrats say they’re watching nervously as polls start to trend in Republicans’ favor — and worry they’re witnessing the beginning of a slow-motion train wreck that they have no idea how to stop.” We can make their nightmare come true; but only if we pitch in and FIGHT!

Rick Saccone
We have to support Rick Saccone, Republican candidate, 18th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. He is fighting to keep a liberal Democrat from taking our Republican seat in a special election on March 13, 2018.

Don’t sit and watch this seat be lost. Donate and or work to keep our Republican majority.

Rick Saccone is the man we need at this very moment in time. He is a counter terrorism expert with a specialty in North Korea.

Saccone is running in a district which was vacated by a Republican who betrayed all of us. Nevertheless, the former incumbent was reelected unopposed in 2014 and again in 2016 so the support is there for the right candidate and Rick Saccone is the right candidate.

Saccone is a conservative aligned with the Christain Right who closely identifies with President Trump, calling himself: "Trump before Trump was Trump."

In the Pennsylvania legislature he introduced bills to limit abortions.

A strong supporter of religious rights, Saccone has been personally sued by the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

Saccone supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018, saying "I’m sorry I wasn’t there to vote for it.”

Saccone is known for his strong advocacy of gun rights. In 2017, he sponsored four bills seeking to expand the rights of gun owners.

Rick Saccone favors right to work legislation, which makes it illegal to force workers to join a union and pay dues to union leaders who will give that money to Democrats or steal it outright rather than use it to improve working conditions.

According to NBC News, "Saccone’s conservative record has united organized labor against him." The thugs are already out banging on doors to support the leftist the Democrats are running. They want to turn back the clock to pre-Trump America--don’t let them.

Rick Saccone’s extensive knowledge of North Korea will be very valuable to President Trump in the coming months. Let’s send Rick Saccone to Washington and not let another Nancy Pelosi obstructionist take this seat.

Please donate to this good man’s fight to keep this seat for a Republican majority. 

Ed.  It is NOT too late to donate to the Saccone campaign. Donate HERE

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