Thursday, February 15, 2018

Eco-wacko: 'I'm more afraid of climate change' than prison

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on February 14th

What is it about climate change that drive some advocates bonkers?

One activist whose actions crossed the line from advocacy to eco-terrorism was arrested for shutting off valves on a pipeline project in Minnesota.  She told a group of supporters that she was "more afraid of climate change than I am of prison."

Emily Johnston, an editor and a poet from Seattle, joined several other activists from Seattle and across the West to shut-off valves on a pair of oil pipelines Canadian energy company, Enbridge, owns and operates.

"I'm not courageous or brave," Johnston told a crowd at a progressive church in Oregon shortly after getting bailed out following her sabotage efforts.  "I'm just more afraid of climate change than I am of prison.

Temporarily closing down pipelines in Minnesota was part of an effort to save the world from fossil fuels, Johnston wrote in a 2017 editorial for The Guardian.  A judge is allowing her to use a "necessity defense" to justify her actions in 2017 against the Enbridge Pipeline System.

The activism of another global warming nutcase destroyed his family:

Foster was convicted in October of conspiracy and reckless endangerment after cutting through a chain link fence and turning a shut-off valve on the Keystone Pipeline to demonstrate against the Dakota Access pipeline.  His behavior before that point had a profoundly negative effect on his children.

"When we would try to refuse, when we would say, 'Hey, I'm tired,' or 'Hey, I have homework,' or 'He[y], I have school today,' it would be: 'Don't you care about the planet?  Don't you care about the future'?" one of his older children said, referring to Foster's repeated efforts to use his children as mouthpieces to distribute his message.

"This is not a typical criminal case," Judge Laurie Fontaine said in 2017 during Foster's trial.  She was referring to the necessity defense Foster and his fellow activist, Sam Jessup, made to justify their actions.
The Gospel according to Al

There is a strain of hysterical paranoia among some radical activists that causes them to reject reality and embrace a skewed view of the world.  The disease infects anti-nuke activists, anti-fracking activists, Antifa, and others on the left who believe that only they can save the world from evil men with evil plans.  They feel persecuted and suspect everyone of being a spy for their enemies.

We hear a lot about the paranoid right but not much about the crazy left.  They are two sides of the same coin: activists who have allowed their ideology to dominate their lives so that they lose all perspective and give in to fear.

Their lawbreaking and terrorism must be fought by law enforcement.  But leaders on both sides could do a lot more to speak out against violence and ignorance, fully marginalizing the fringe of American politics so that the only trouble they cause is for themselves.

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