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Assault Behavior Is Not a Weapon

The following article appeared in Flopping Aces on February 17th

If you have one of those wi-fi video doorbells your home is more secure than Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida was when the evil creature called Nikolas Cruz entered to began his murder spree . With all the “we must do something” hand-wringing we have seen before, the simple truth is that such a simple bit of modern technology might have prevented or mitigated this tragedy.

Again, there were warning signs, enough red flags to have a parade in Moscow. Many did see things and say things as the mantra goes, but the FBI, which was notified of the killer’s intention posted on social media, was busy chasing Russians and fighting Trump. The kids in the high school expected one day the killer who was expelled would one day return. Yet the doors were not secured. In a society awash with cameras and surveillance, no one saw him waking in with a gas mask, smoke grenades, and a weapon.
AR 15
Your local convenience store has better security. The question to be asked is not how could this happen, but why is the killer still alive. Why was there no one in the building able to shoot back. Why are off-duty cops guarding junk food and soft drinks rather than in these schools guarding children? We have enough retired cops and returning veterans to put more than a few in every school. Critics say that, like guns in the home, would be dangerous. More dangerous than what exactly? The number of armed guards that have engaged in mass shootings remains stuck at zero.

So the usual suspects in the gun control zoo, like early man who worshiped and feared inanimate objects, focus on the weapon used, an AR15, and lament that if only we could rid the planet of each and every one then the lion would lie down with the lamb. This is welcome news to the people in Nice, France who were slaughtered by a jihadi driving a truck.

When you consider the Oklahoma office worker whose head was hacked off with a knife, the New York cops attacked with an axe, and the Paris assault with a knife, it begins to swan on one that assault is a behavior and not a weapon. Ever since Cain slew Able, it has been possible to kill people without using an AR15.

I once saw a movie depicting a time and place and place where only police and the military had guns. It was called “Schindler’s List”. Only the Nazis had guns. One wonders how history would have been different had Germany had a Second Amendment and every storm trooper knocking on the door at midnight had met a Jew with a gun.

It is a common practice amongst liberals to demonize objects and attribute to them all sorts of magical powers over us. Nuclear weapons are a threat, not the tyrants and dictators who would use them against us. Guns are the threat, not the criminals who would use them to kill us. The AR-15 is an “assault” weapon, not the gun you pray the police show up with when an Islamist terrorist, as in Paris, Orlando, and San Bernardino, arrives shouting “Allahu Akhbar” and you have nothing to shoot back with.

Former Navy SEAL Dean Raso is quoted in The Federalist as describing the AR-15 as in fact the ideal defensive weapon against heavily armed predators:

In the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack, the deadliest strike on U.S. soil since 9/11, Democratic lawmakers and progressive activists have responded by attempting to limit access to firearms — particularly the AR-15, which was incorrectly reported as the weapon the terrorist used to kill at least 49 people and injure another 53.

In a new video, former Navy SEAL Dom Raso explains why the AR-15, the most popular rifle in the country, gives Americans the best chance of surviving in an age of terror.

Choosing to defend one’s home with an AR-15 is a commonsense choice, as it is powerful, accurate, and easy to shoot, Raso said.

Gun control legislation doesn’t stop terror attacks, he explained, citing the two terrorists who who weren’t deterred by California’s assault weapons ban when they killed 14 people in San Bernardino last year. Nor would any gun ban have stopped the Boston Bombers when they detonated a bomb at the Boston Marathon, killing three and wounding at least 260 others.

Ironically, both of those incidents of terror were brought to a stop by armed police officers responding to the scene with AR-15s–the same weapon legislators are trying to ban.

“Why would you want to ban the gun you pray for police to show up with?” Raso asked.

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Ed.  Of course, disarming the American people would work out just fine! After all, liberals would be making the rules; and we all know how fair and honest THEY are!

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