Thursday, February 8, 2018

Adam Schiff, gullible fool

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on February 7th

The easiest marks are the desperate ones, the ones who want something so bad it they lose their common sense, becoming putty in the hands of their manipulators.

So here we have Rep. Adam Schiff, easy mark for a phone prank tailored especially for him by Russian comedians, pushing all his right buttons. Here is the audio, and man is it stupid. According to Roll Call:

Audio of Russian radio comedians prank-calling Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff shows the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee asking for details about the naked photos of President Donald Trump they were offering.

It sounds like something out of the old Saturday Night Live, with Schiff joining the Czechoslovakian brothers in the great quest for ... naked photos. Schiff's got egg all over his face now, and more to the point, has now exposed the double standards of Democrats out to Get Trump.
Adam "Bug Eyes" Schiff

Because remember, Democrats took a Mrs. Grundy-like stance when other Russians, including Kremlin-linked lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya, wormed their way into a meeting with young Donald Trump, Jr., with promises of opposition research in the heat of the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump never got any opposition research, just some foreign lobbying for the dropping of U.S. sanctions on Russia, which in the throes of the campaign, was useless to him. The meeting itself, was likely set up by opposition research firm Fusion GPS, who denied it, even as Veselnitskaya was a client of theirs and met with them the very next day after the meeting in Trump Tower with Trump, Jr.

What did Democrats say about that meeting? Not 'fooled ya' but 'treason!' and 'collusion!' Even Steve Bannon followed that line if semi-fiction writer Michael Wolff is to be believed. Wolff also reported that Bannon said the Special Counsel for Russian collusion would ensure that Trump, Jr. would "crack like an egg," something he has since apologized for. Treason? Really? Well then maybe Schiff can assume the label too, now. Russkis always create treason.

But what we have here is the specter of the Trump-crazed left making themselves ripe targets for outsiders. Because Trump is just like Hitler, see? And the U.S. is a fascist military dictatorship. Word is out about the desperation in that fantasy-constructed world of theirs, devoid of reality, and seriously, trolls are going to ensure this will happen again and again and again. Democrats' Trump rage has made them easy marks.

Ed.  Rush played the sequence today of Schiff gleefully swallowing everything the prankster had to say about Donald Trump and his supposed tryst in Moscow!  

It's a hoot and will no doubt be found on Rush's website.

But why is anyone surprised that Schiff should fall hook, line and sinker for such an outrageous tale? Truth doesn't matter to a leftist; facts are of no importance. After all, these are people who will lie when the truth would serve them better. Most important is the fact he KNOWS the media will back up any claim he might make, whether proof exists or not. So why not present the most idiotic stories as fact!

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