Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Never-Ending Mueller Witch Hunt: An Affront to the Constitution

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on January 3rd

Over the holidays, Robert Mueller, the special counsel, leaked word to the hate-Trump media that in the coming year of 2018, he would not stop with a simple failure to find any truth in the "Russian collusion" charges against POTUS Trump.  In a display of truly Stalinist police abuse, Mr. Mueller will keep going until he finds a crime, any crime at all. 

The FBI, apparently led by Trump-hater Strzok, performed a raid on the Paul Manafort home while the family was still asleep, a surprise intimidation tactic commonly used by Hitler's Gestapo against innocent civilian families, with the purpose of frightening and punishing unarmed victims without due process.  In the absence of a pattern of illegal defiance of the law by Manafort, the Strzok team flagrantly violated the law and should be disciplined, if not fired altogether.  But Manafort was apparently cooperating. 

Also over the holidays, the New York Times tried to revise its previous story about the Steele dossier, claiming that the fraudulent "evidence" presented to the FISA court was not based on the Steele dossier at all, but was confessed by a minor Trump campaign aide, George Papadopoulos, and attributed to Russian sources.  By revising the narrative to make Papadopoulos responsible for a report on Russian disinformation to Australian officials, who passed it on to the U.S., the Times is erasing the timeline of its previous allegations.  The Russia collusion accusation has collapsed, and the NYT is busily revising history.  The public has previously been told that Christopher Steele, the "former" MI6 spy, was hired by various Trump enemies to make up the Russian collusion dossier. 

Mueller's witch hunt is a blatant affront to the United States Constitution, especially Amendments I-IV.  It is unconscionable, and if the Executive Branch cannot intervene due to political pressure, the United States Supreme Court must step out of its role of passive bystander and permit a direct appeal to the highest court by the legally abused parties, prominently (but not solely) Paul Manafort and family. 

Previous special prosecutors have been allowed to blackmail scapegoats like Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby into confessions of process crimes for which they were never initially charged.  This is the logic of a "bill of attainder" and "ex post facto law," legal snares to enable a conviction on anything the victim is accused of, even if it is a process crime obtained as a result of double-binding the victim into lying under oath.  It is the legal logic of bloody witch-hunting mobs, which wants to see a bloody carcass, any carcass at all for any reason at all.  It is repugnant to the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. 

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