Friday, January 12, 2018

“Reset,” American Style

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

A huge American ‘Reset’ is underway as, “Trump has gone to war; has 'them' on the run,” says news analyst Greg Hunter in a lengthy youtube video. Hunter describes the Trump train barreling down the rails to punish corruption, human trafficking and general political malfeasance at the highest levels of our government.

The extraordinary importance of President Trump's Executive Order of Dec. 21, 2017 has been virtually ignored by partisan news outlets.  But this EO has begun a Second American Revolution; an impact which Hunter believes will be extraordinary as we look back on it a few years from now.  The stocks, bonds, land, money and other assets of the wealthy and corrupt now are under the onus of this EO which was signed off on by POTUS as he plays a 5D chess game of distraction and hair on fire melodrama for the silly MSM.  Regarding the Deep State, "he is confiscating their assets; everything is up for grabs," says Hunter.  Trump is using our military and DHS to take over the voter fraud issues to save our democracy. 

Pointing to the refusal of our Democrat Blue states to turn over public voting records of the 2016 election, Hunter says Trump just disbanded a feckless Voter Fraud Commission and turned everything over to our military apparatus whose members take seriously their oaths to protect and serve our country and our democracy. Return to paper ballots looks to get rid of easily hackable voter machinery in national ballot boxes.  "The System is Rigged/must go to Voter ID" says Trump in his 1-4-18 tweet at 6:02 a.m. 

BTW, have the MSM told you that the president takes a $1.00 salary after turning over his allotted $400,000 to the repair of veterans' graves in our national cemeteries? 

Also, the Census in 2020 will start asking: "Are You a Citizen?" This should improve actual Congressional representation of national districts! 

Black unemployment hit the lowest since record keeping began in 1972.

Now, regarding the disastrous state of our country's financial affairs, this 40 minute youtube expose' involves "hitting the derivatives" burden, recouping an astonishing loss of 35 trillion dollars and blocking "the exporting of our American dollars out of our country! (Mexico paying for the wall with loss of their number 1 money maker, our retention dollars, perhaps.) The big one involves a debt reset in the works "involving the Federal Reserve Note." "Trump is turning our economy into a net zero export and look[s] to make us the biggest energy producer in the WORLD."  Note here that even though Janet Yellen's official term was to run until 2024, she is out as Fed Chair.  "Trump is set to nominate Jerome Powell for the Fed's top job."  

This brings up the whole quicksand scenario of the US printing not-for-real money along with other fast and loose practices of past presidential administrations.  As President Andrew Jackson warned: OUR DEBT is the biggest threat to our Democracy:  "Our debt is the national curse," said Jackson.  Also, "It is rotation in office that will perpetuate our liberty."  Admiral Michael Mullen said in 2012 (CNN): "A nation with our current level of debt. . .cannot hope to sustain for very long its superiority from a military perspective, or its influence in world affairs."

The Greg Hunter news wrap for the first week of our new year focuses on the Mueller investigation.  "Mueller loaded up his investigation with partisans," because Trump has stuff on the situation and he squeezed, basically is how I read what is going on.  This allows a stage left exit for a very flawed paradigm.  IOW Mueller himself may have had to reset the aims of the inquiry with an overload of partisan, left-wing hacks, thereby setting up its implosion, as now is happening.  President Trump told the Camp David audience the real collusion rests with the DNC and the Clinton camp.  Because a five year statute of limitations on some of the charges against Hillary is up on 2-1-18, Hunter says that is why we soon will be seeing some real fireworks!

However, crimes of fraud and treason have no limitations.

Rumors on the web suggest that Secretary of Defense Mattis and about 1k of his Marines recently visited GITMO and a rather large expenditure has been undertaken to make the facility ready for "special guests."  Other sources discussing the massive number of sealed indictments we have been hearing about for months suggest numbers from as low as 2k to as high as 9k.  But nothing definite has hit our public cable news on this yet, so a Wait and See approach is advised.  Newsman Hunter believes that the anonymous Q really is a WH source who is getting "stuff" out there to soften the blow of having to take in "crimes so bad" that the effect could be enormous on our citizenry and even our financial apparatus.  Remembering the damage of the Brian Ross fake news is a very real concern in back of what is going on.  Hunter says some of the offenders will just be allowed to go away, the sooner the better, but that there will be very real prosecutions coming in the not too distant future.

A youtube offering from Blogger Benjamin Fulford lists 23 major topics hauled in by our loyal Marines when they circled Langley late in November.  The title of this must view video is "Marine Raid Huge Haul of Actionable Intel."  Some of these revelations include: release of the JFK files by President Trump; the obvious distraction ploy (or tool) of the sex harassment claims allows some to just exit stage left; deaths of Ron Brown, William Colby, Vince Foster and JFK, Jr.; father of Ted Cruz; where BHO really was born; ID fraud involved; DJT's files on our media; US Marines' removal of CIA files during this raid; JFK may have been shot from the front; Blue Moon Bank; Thailand; federal reserve and Tommy Thompson; the Rand Paul attack and why it really happened… "he knows too much."  Fulford also says algore really was the winner!  This video, already watched by thousands, along with the Greg Hunter wrap can provide you with hours of web enjoyment.  I was unable to run down very much to verify a rumor that 100 tonnes of gold were stolen last week and transported via submarine to somewhere in the far East, maybe Jakarta.  But I did read that "Trump outfoxed them; he had a tracking device attached underneath."  Just who "them" and "they" are remain unknown. By the way, Snopes says Obama does not have a mansion in Thailand.

In closing, Hunter says: "He's hitting them in the wallet…running 'them' out by…confiscating their money!"  Oh, have you tried the pink popcorn on sale at some of the office supply stores? I did; it tastes great.

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