Friday, January 19, 2018

Priorities: Another laughable moment from Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago

The following piece appeared in Second City Cop on January 17th

It doesn't seem to be the free flow of traffic - you know, commerce, trade, buses and people actually trying to get to work.

The bike lane is plowed, but the traffic lane isn't. Thank goodness Rahm took out a full lane of traffic against the curb where plows might be able to actually remove snow from the roadway and give it over to the bicyclists who are nowhere to be seen during another sub-freezing day.

Ed. Thanks to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the left's love of spandex pants and non-polluting bikes there is now no place to plow snow from busy streets. After all, one simply CANNOT bury the bike lanes! 

You have to wonder what these silly bastards think about!

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