Saturday, January 6, 2018

Obama, Red States and the Opioid Crisis: Coincidence or Connection?

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Coincidence or connection?  It’s odd how statistics showing the escalating opioid crisis show the same yearly growth during the waning years of the Obama administration! The 2014 list of ten states with the most opioid deaths show eight to be red or leaning red states with only Delaware, at number nine and Rhode Island at # 6, being clearly left-voting states. 

Number one in the year 2014 was West Virginia which still held that awful title in 2016.  Note here how W.Va is a long standing red state, full of working class employees and coal miners. New Mexico was second with New Hampshire at 3, but two years later Ohio had the second highest opioid death markers and New Hampshire drops to number 3. The other 2014 states are KY at 4, OH at 5, Rhode Island at 6, Utah at 7, PA at 8 and OK at number 10.  The swing state of OH experienced considerable leftist pressure to enter the blue column.  FL was mentioned on another map with high drug rate deaths but was not included in these stats.  This very important political swing state was susceptible to Obama administration pressure in several ways.  And the recent addition of 300,000 storm refugees from Puerto Rico certainly will be in evidence during important elections. 
"Bend over, please"

Since Obama has been retired to his blue White House, even Congress has begun to awaken from its Sleepy Hollow.  Perhaps, well maybe, our country does have a politically linked drug problem.  The United Kingdom print outlet, DAILY MAIL provides these recently released, 2016 statistics.  W. Va had 52 deaths by overdose per 100,000 people making it number one in the opioid sweepstakes.  Even though the state has a Democrat senator in D.C., it is solidly in the red state column. OH, always a key swing state in every major election and having red state creds, now replaces another red state, New Hampshire, for the 2nd spot for death by drugs.  District of Columbia is at number 4 with 38.8 deaths per 100,000, and PA is at 5 with 37.9 opioid deaths per 100,000. 

A Free Republic commenter who goes by "lavoroise" definitely does see a connection with these stats and links to the Obama administration.  "French news keep(s) saying it is the pain caused by coal industry & Pharma's oxycontin prescriptions. I say it is Obama letting Talabans (sic) & Hezbollah funnel the stuff to red states."  

So if the 2014 stats started piling up two years earlier than reported and if the 2016 statistics began in 2014, we definitely can say these drug deaths occurred when Obama was in office. 

A Wall Street blog goes on to discuss the maps showing the 82 counties with the highest opioid deaths and prescription drug rates.  Where "rates are highest, also, are places where Trump won big in 2016."  Of those 82 counties, 77 voted for Donald J. Trump.

But here is where possible coincidence might be connection: A researcher for the website says: "…there is a positive association between people who have prescription opioids use disorder (OUD) and cocaine.  This post goes on to discuss the rise in cocaine overdoses, fentanyl getting mixed in with cocaine and the heroin links to all of these American drug deaths.   

And just recently some Republicans in Congress may be starting to smell the coffee, or at least, decaf.  Here is a statement from popular FL Representative Ron DeSantis: "I've long believed the Obama administration could not have done any more…to appease the Iranian regime,  yet news (they) killed the investigation into a BILLION DOLLAR drug ring that lined the terrorist group Hezbollah's pockets to save the Iran deal may very well take the cake."   

FOX News reported that "Obama Justice and Treasury Department officials delayed, hindered, or rejected" efforts to let an investigation termed Project Cassandra go forward to determine if terrorist groups were funneling dangerous drugs in the USA. 

In Greek mythology Princess Cassandra was cursed to speak true prophecies that no one around her would believe."  Modern literary theory uses this rhetorical device to "indicate someone whose accurate prophecies are not believed."  IOW, someone in official law enforcement circles who gets to name these major investigations may have been trying to tell us that the notion that a sitting president would actually put American lives in danger of death by drugs is so outrageous no one would believe it.

We can only conjecture that a Leftist strategy to flip red states into the Democrat column involved looking the other way when terrorists flooded our 50 states with dangerous drugs. Nasty stuff to even consider someone could dream up such a plan.  Was the American public lulled into a state of sleep walking through their civic responsibility? Or were they just being drugged to death for political gain?

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