Saturday, January 20, 2018

I nominate Mayor Steve Fulop of Jersey City as winner of DHSs first Sanctuary city arrest

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Now that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has wisely decided to start arresting the heads of sanctuary cities, a decision must be made about which head will roll first. The list of sanctuary local governments runs from tiny, one party, one horse towns to the monster of them all, California.
Kirstjen Nielsen

From a PR stand point it would be great to take down California and frog walk Governor Moon Beam out of his office; but that would not happen if the Golden State is the first target. They have resources that rival the DoJ’s legal staff and Republicans would get pummeled in the media every day until the case was resolved. Bad idea!

Logistics dictates that the place to start the process is at the lower end with a smaller government. That leaves hundreds of locations to choose from but also presents a “happy problem.” A wise choice of where to strike first can include a few bonuses not immediately obvious, but available nevertheless.

Of course the DoJ could pick just any small town with a 30 something Democrat mayor looking to make a name for himself and hit him hard enough to make him fold with just a carefully constructed letter. That would achieve two important goals: It would end a sanctuary city and more importantly, zero in on a defendant that has no chance to fight off the charges thus insuring a legal victory.

In this scenario the defendant would be happy to offer a complete and government friendly allocution. Indeed, most would say just about anything to stay out of prison.

Nevertheless, there are a few bigger benefits to be realized by selecting the proper defendant for the first case. The place to go would be a small town in a big news center, one that would not have the endless resources to fight off the DoJ’s prosecution.

The first sanctuary town that fits this profile is Jersey City, New Jersey whose mayor is Steve Fulop. Jersey City sits directly across the Hudson River from New York City, the media capital of America; and even the dumbest media fool could find Jersey City.

Jersey City was proclaimed a “sanctuary city” a year ago so Mayor Fulop could be among the first to scream in obvious pain at Donald Trump’s election as president.

So Steve Fulop is looking good but there is more to be considered in his case.

Although the media has done its best to hide the fact, Democrat United States Senator from New Jersey Robert Menendez is going to be retired for his corruption. If Menendez is convicted, he will be removed from office requiring a replacement appointed by Democrat Governor Phil Murphy who has already declared New Jersey a sanctuary state. The logical front runner for that appointment is Steve Fulop.

Young mister Fulop is already in his fifth year as the mayor of one of the largest cities in New Jersey and a Marine combat veteran. He could be a threat to our liberty for a long time.

Hitting Fulop now with a charge he cannot beat; sitting down in a United States Court House in the media center of the country, will make him a glowing red example of the DoJ’s seriousness about ending sanctuary cities.

Moreover, it will stop the career of a leftist that could be in office for forty or more years.

The DoJ should begin prosecuting these sanctuary city criminals in Jersey City, with Mayor Steve Fulop. In this way we'll get the most bang for our buck.

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