Tuesday, January 23, 2018

GOP should be heartened by new poll on generic congressional ballot

The following article appeared in American Thinker on January 22nd

It was a dismal year for Republicans, as polls consistently showed the party trailing Democrats in national generic congressional ballots.  Last month, the gap between the parties was 18 points in the CNN poll, with double-digit leads by Dems in other polls.

On top of that, the so-called "enthusiasm gap" heavily favored the Democrats.  Their voters seemed more excited, and thus more likely, to vote in November's midterm elections.

The numbers were latched on to by national pundits as proof that a Democratic wave was building that would sweep the party into power.

But something has changed in the last month.  Republicans passed a massive tax cut and despite Democratic efforts to disparage it, independents and Republicans have apparently embraced it.  The gap between the parties on the congressional generic ballot has narrowed in the CNN poll from 18 points to 5 and Republicans are far more enthusiastic about voting than they were just a month ago.

The new poll's 49% Democrat to 44% Republican margin among registered voters is almost identical to Democrats' standing in January of 2006, the last midterm election year in which they made significant gains in the House of Representatives.

But it represents a large shift from CNN polls conducted in the past three months, in which Democrats held double-digit advantages over the Republicans.  Preferences among all adults have shifted less dramatically, but are also tighter than last fall, with Democrats currently 10 points ahead of Republicans among all Americans.

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