Friday, January 5, 2018

Chicago Police guarding Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s house ordered to NOT wear Body Cameras

The following article appeared in the Second City Cop website on January 3rd

No Cameras?

Can anyone confirm? And can anyone think of a reason why?
  • Anonymous said...

    Speaking of the Mayor, has a new policy for 2018 for the 019 house watchers. They are not permitted to wear the fan d BWC’s. This is very confusing for me. These canera’s were touted as officer safety by the 
    That's RahM; and it's really him!
    beloved commander Buslic many years ago. There has been several incidents when arrests were made on hermitage st. , so what is up with this verbal order? Why would these officers be the only officers in any district be excluded from big brother??? Does the mayor feel transparency should go so far? These officers are not inside his residence, so I’m perplexed.
Now (if true) why wouldn't the powers-that-be want cameras on Rahm's block? Perhaps the mayor isn't spending the requisite amount of time at his "residence" to maintain eligibility for the next election? We did hear a rumor that the wedding dress left town a while back, so there would actually have to be a body living in the house.
Does anyone remember when intrepid reporters would actually follow pols and camp out somewhere to get video of corrupt practices? Now they just re-write City Hall press releases and troll blogs for stories.

Ed. For those not tuned in to the Second City Cop’s jibe about Rahm Emanuel’s wedding dress, it goes like this. Before Rahm could run to replace Shortshanks (Mayor Daley) in the 2010 Chicago race he had to meet the residency requirement, that is, prove that he actually sort of lived in the Windy City during 2008 and 2009. Of course, these were the years during which the Tiny Dancer was in Washington D.C., assisting Hussein in the destruction of the United States and the unconstitutional theft of a trillion dollars or so.

Well the Chicago Elections Board decided that Rahm really, really had fulfilled the residency requirement because Emanuel produced a wedding dress which had been stored in his Chicago home—that is, the one he had rented out during his stay in Washington! As a New York Times columnist put it:  

“The Chicago elections board underscored an important rule for politicians Thursday when it cleared Rahm Emanuel to run for mayor, which is that it's fine to rent your house out to a complete stranger, as long as you leave your wife's wedding dress stuffed under the stairs…”

Of course the Board made a thoroughly non-biased decision. And Rahm has been looting Cook County residents ever since. 

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