Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Are there enough mentally ill voters in Maryland to elect ‘Chelsea’ Manning to the Senate?

The following article appeared in American Thinker on January 14th

Bradley Manning, the traitor who was convicted of violating the Espionage Act, was sent to prison, changed his name to Chelsea, and was pardoned by Obama.  Now he is running for the Senate in Maryland in the Democratic primary against incumbent Senator Ben Cardin.  Are there enough mentally ill voters in Maryland to elect Bradley to the Senate?
Bradley, SNIP, Voila Chelsea!
Let's take a look at Democratic interest groups in Maryland.
On the one hand...

1) Mentally ill voters.  Mentally ill voters, including but not limited to people who believe that you can change your sex, will flock to Bradley's banner.  You could say Bradley is the poster boy for mentally ill people.

2) Feminist voters.  Feminist voters will probably tilt more to Bradley than to Senator Cardin.  In fact, Chelsea can have crossover appeal with both men and women, given that his top half sort of looks female and his bottom half is male.  (His top half is also male.)  You could even say that Bradley is a balanced ticket all on his own.

3) America-hating voters.  America-hating voters will love Bradley, since he betrayed our country by giving out thousands of our military secrets.

4) Criminal voters.  Criminal voters will love Bradley, since Bradley is one of them!

5) Illegal alien voters.  Illegal alien voters might vote for Bradley because, like criminal voters, they are criminals, too – just more virtuous ones.

6) Abortion issue voters.  Bradley will probably have an advantage with pro-abortion voters.  Bradley is an abortion inspiration.  Pregnant women looking at Bradley will be more inclined to rush to have an abortion, for fear that their child will end up like him.

On the other hand:

7) Class warfare voters.  Class warfare voters, who are concerned about taking money from those who have more of it and redistributing it to government bureaucracies, unions, and others, have no special reason to like Bradley and will probably stick with Cardin.
Chelsea Manning (There ISN'T that much alcohol)
8) Islamic voters.  Bradley probably will not have an advantage with Islamic voters, doing only statistically insignificantly better with Islamists who want to stone Bradley than with Islamists who want to throw Bradley off a rooftop.  On the other hand, the votes of LGBTQ Muslims are in Bradley's back pocket, if not unzipping his pants outright.

9) Environmentalist voters.  Enviro-nuts – I mean environmentalist voters – have no special reason to vote for Bradley and so will probably stick with Cardin.

10) Racial hating voters.  Minorities, who have been taught that white people hate them, have no special reason to vote for Bradley and will probably stick with Cardin.

So Bradley has a chance if he can mobilize crazy people, feminists, and criminals.  Remember, this is Maryland, so anything is possible.

Questions for discussion: By this time next year, do you think Bradley will be undressing in the congressional gym with Kirsten Gillibrand?  Do you think he will be showering with Elizabeth Warren after a hot, sweaty workout?  How do you think female Democratic senators will enjoy being nude around Bradley?  Will Dianne Feinstein and Susan Collins go shopping for bras with Bradley?

Ed. Here is the take of Paul Mirengoff of Powerline on Mr/Miss Manning's interest in running for the Senate. 

"Exciting news from Maryland," writes Mirengoff!

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