Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sacrificing Al Franken

The following article appeared in Frontpage Magazine on December 8th

Democrats push the senator over the cliff in hopes of defeating Roy Moore.

With Democrat cutlasses poking his back, Al Franken, the junior senator from Minnesota who can’t keep his hands to himself, has reluctantly walked the plank to boost his party’s image after eight women accused him of sexual misconduct.

The most prominent accuser is radio host Leeann Tweeden who claims the professional vulgarian who has a long, well-documented track record of making crude remarks about sexually assaulting women, kissed and groped her without her consent.

Franken’s speech under duress on the Senate floor yesterday was defiant and bursting with self-pity. Only a true believer would take it seriously. Franken certainly did not. He wouldn’t even commit to a specific resignation date, saying only that he would leave office in the coming weeks, a non-binding promise if ever there was one.

Democrats made Franken retire from public life because it makes sense to do so, according to their cold, business-like calculus for this kind of thing. A decision was made in senior Democrat circles to offer up Franken as a sacrificial lamb to give the party a chance after so many sex-related scandals, to reposition itself in the public eye as champions of women. With the Dec. 12 vote in the Senate race in Alabama between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones approaching, there is no time to waste.

And it costs Democrats little to jettison Franken. They do this knowing that the governor of Minnesota is Mark Dayton, a Democrat who will appoint a Democrat caretaker senator. Frighteningly, jihadist-socialist Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) is being discussed as a Franken replacement.

But even if this choreographed contrition fails to get Jones elected down in Dixie, Democrats are optimistic they can make Moore the new face of the Republican Party in 2018 and 2020. Maybe they could parlay Franken’s self-immolation into the impeachment of President Trump. Of course, painting Donald Trump as a big time sexual harasser and worse last year didn’t stop him from winning the election, but left-wingers, the very people who invented sexual harassment, are nothing if not persistent.

It is difficult to feel sorry for Franken, especially after he cheated his way into office.

Franken stole the 2008 election from incumbent Norm Coleman (R), with the assistance of ACORN-aligned Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie (D), a former community organizer. As a protracted recount took place, Franken improbably went from a deficit of hundreds of votes to a surplus months after Election Day, which, according to an analysis at the time, was highly improbable, if not statistically impossible. How hundreds of Franken votes materialized out of thin air has never been properly explained. Illegally cast votes from felons also helped get Franken past the finish line in his first election.

As Michael Stokes Paulsen, professor of law at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, wrote at the time, “Minnesota is Bush v. Gore reloaded. The details differ, but not in terms of arbitrariness, lack of uniform standards, inconsistency in how local recounts were conducted and counted, and strange state court decisions.”

Even now Franken supports denying others proper due process when they face sex-related misconduct allegations. The senator supports Title IX kangaroo court policies that deprive college students of due process when facing the same kinds of allegations.

The Franken saga is the latest in a still-expanding mushroom cloud of allegations of sexual abuse hurled largely at left-wing elite political, media, and entertainment figures. There are rumors circulating on Capitol Hill that another three dozen or more lawmakers will soon face sexual misconduct allegations.

And to distract from all the Democrats being taken down over sexual allegations, the mainstream media is doing a full-court press to revive the all-too-convenient sexual misconduct allegations against President Trump that suddenly surfaced in the closing days of last year’s election cycle.

One of those Democrats is Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, who used government funds to pay off an accuser. He isn’t seeking reelection now that he has decided to turn his congressional seat into a hereditary peerage belonging to the House of Conyers.

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Hold on thar! Al “Hands” Franken hasn’t walked the plank for his Democrat superiors until he actually resigns. And thus far he has done NOTHING except CLAIM that he will retire “in the coming weeks!”

It’s necessary to remember that above all else, Franken is a Democrat. And Democrats lie, even when the truth would serve them better. The fellow Democrats who have spoken against Franken could be told to "reassess" their viewpoint and support him…after the Moore/Jones election, that is.

For author Matthew Vadum is right—this has all been manufactured for the purpose of influencing Alabama voters, a cause which I believe to be lost for Democrat hirelings. Franken’s fellow Dems were instructed by the Party to speak against him, just as Franken was instructed to give what I believe to be a phony promise to “retire in a few weeks.”

It’s all stagecraft. And just like sets or backdrops at any theatre, all may be changed when the stage manager figures the time to be right.

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