Monday, December 4, 2017

Judge Roy Moore Opens 8 Point Lead in Alabama Senate Race – 46 Point Lead in PredictIt Market

The following article appeared on the Gateway Pundit on December 2nd

by Jim Hoft

Republican Judge Roy Moore opened up an 8 point lead on ultra-liberal Doug Jones in the latest Alabama Senate poll. reported:

Roy Moore touted an Alabama Senate poll released Thursday, declaring that “our campaign’s momentum is through the roof!’

The poll, conducted by Atlantic Media and Research, had Moore with an 8-point lead over Democrat Doug Jones.

The election is Dec. 12.

The poll, conducted by Rick Shaftan, was done at the behest of major donors to conservative candidates as well as conservative-leaning super PACs, he said. The poll was first released to Breitbart News and Shaftan also provided a copy of the poll’s findings to

Judge Roy Moore also opened up a 46 point lead in PredictIt Market poll.

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